Does anyone own the black quilted Chanel umbrella???

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  1. Hi,
    Does anyone own or know anything about the black Chanel umbrella with the quilted leather case? I will post some pictures of mine later on today if you need to see it. The reason I'm asking is that I bought mine on ebay a while back, and I have never been 100% sure it's authentic. I want to list it, but I need some info. before I do. Thanks a lot!
  2. I don't think I've ever seen it....please post pictures of yours.
  3. ohh pictures would be great! never heard of it but it sounds interesting

  4. Here are some pictures:

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  5. i never seen it too...

  6. Oops, I don't think the case is leather...feels more 'rubbery'. But I think the handle is.

  7. ...and some more pictures:

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  8. It's so cute. Chanel should make a real one that looks similar to this, if they don't already.
  9. I have see many Chanel umbrellas during the past 5 years but never see any look like this before. If it is authentic so it would be from a very old collection. Anyway, there dustbag and sticker attached at the side of box looks unauthentic to me.

  10. does this mean that this is a *gasp*...FAKE!!!:wtf:
  11. The codes on the box look correct to me.
    I recently saved this picture from the authenticate thread, it's from a black Chanel bag from 1995.
    The color number 94305 is the color on the box for the black bag, which is the same color as stated on your box:

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  12. That's why I already stated that if it is authentic so it was from an old collection. It is from 1995 !! :idea:
  13. I have a collapsable umbrella and it came in the oddest shape box. Kind of a triangle.

    I can't give you any advise on your umbrella, because my umbrella is so different from yours. I love the idea of the carrying case with chain though. :yes:

  14. Wow, thank you for that info! I'm starting to feel a little better about this purchase:smile:

    So it's from '95...I'm getting somewhere! I do not see any hologram stickers or numbers anywhere. Does Chanel even put them on these sort of items? And do you think this is some sort of vinyl? Thank you all!
  15. I want one of these!

    I cannot find them anywhere!!!!

    When and where did you get yours?