Does anyone own or have seen this paddy?

  1. I have heard blue-fly can sell fakes, so I would be careful about that.
  2. ^ According to the link, the item is no longer available.

    I love the hobo. It's a perfect size for sitting on your shoulder and i would probably consider one in this colour, one day.
    (Or any colour for that matter...:graucho: )

    Rouge means red, so i'm assuming it is red-red, and not a different tone of red...i.e grenat, which is darker, more like wine.

    Anyway - (As Bellacherie says^) Bluefly did have some confirmed fakes a while ago, and, since then, their reputation has been tarnished. I don't think i'd feel overly comfortable buying from them now.:shrugs:
  3. I agree with what everyone else said about Bluefly. I'd tread carefully there purchasing bags from them. Just be sure that what you get is real. I did buy a YSL bag from them a while back that I had to send back because the metal was tarnished and I would consider a bag like that defective. They were good about giving me a prompt refund.
  4. hey mona_daya, i would really love to buy it off you if u didn't send it back... am so regretting for sitting in front of the computer for hrs and not getting it when it's on nap.
  5. yeah ive seen it at the dept store, its more bright red than dark red i would say. but it isnt too bright. its a lovely colour!
  6. ^ It sounds beautiful!!:love: :heart: :yes:

    Btw - shirley, welcome to tPF - just to let you know that we are not allowed to advocate personal buying and selling on the forum.:yes:
  7. I bought a couple of Gucci's from there and they were authentic, however they were sent back for other reasons.

    Anyways, I'll try to aviod them as much as possible.

    I'm having Sabine from try to find the same one for the way she has some chloe's on her site and she is a SUPER nice lady to deal with! I just bought a beautiful Burberry bag from her and its defintley authentic.

    Thanks for everyones input.....
  8. ^I'm glad your Gucci's were real - as far as i'm aware, it wasn't all brands that were tainted with the fakes, it was Chloe and Fendi, if my memory serves me correct. (?)

    And once a site has sold just one fake, it creates bad press and they lose a lot of customers.:sad:

    I'm going to check out sabine's boutique.:yes:
  9. ^^^ They also had quite a few fake Balenciagas. They were really sad looking.
  10. Thanks balenciaga:yes:

    I think that is what was so wierd about the whole Bluefly thing - that the fakes were so obvious...:confused1:

    Good luck with your search mona!:yes:
  11. Welcome to the PF shirley!!!
    Chicky is right- there is no buying or selling on the PF unless you have been approved to participate in the MP. Outside of the MP, no selling or buying. But please let me know if you have any questions!

    As for bluefly, I would tread very carefully like the others have said. There have been way too many fake bags purchased by our Members that you just need to be really careful if you decide to go through Bluefly. I hope you find the bag of your dreams!!!
  12. Blue Fly sells fakes? That's awful
  13. I know that hmwe ordered a chocolate paddington from bluefly and it was fake. So I wouldn't buy Chloe from there... :s
  14. Actually, Sabine from found me the same bag in black or whiskey and she can get it for me. However, now I'm worried that It'll be just as heavy as the tobacco paddington I returned!!

    Any thoughts?