Does anyone know what haut a Courrouis means?

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  1. I had a 32 birkin that I never liked because it looked to square. I was told when I sold it that it was a haut a Courrouis. Does anyone know what that means to a birkin?

  2. The "Haut à Courroies" is the original design from which the Birkin was taken. It is taller than the Birkin, more a north/south shape rather than a east/west shape like the Birkin, the handles are slightly shorter, the turn key is square instead of round, It was originally designed to carry riding boots. The litteral translation would be "Tall with leather straps" since haut means tall/high, and courroie means leather strap...I'm sure the other ladies can add extra info about the HAC....HTH
  3. Perfect, Duna! I'd add only that the older models have the round turn-key....looks like the newer bags have the square one.
  4. Thank you so much!
  5. thanks for the translation!
    also, how do you pronounce it?
    I *think* my SA pronounced it something like "oat a crey"...
    is this right
    I know how to pronounce haut, obviously, but beyond that, I'm lost. lol
  6. When I was in Paris, I asked for the HaC, but they have no idea what I was on about. Apparently, they call it by the full name in France and not by initials (H-A-C). It was after describing what the bag looks like the sales lady got what I was talking about.

    She pronounced it like oot a cour-ra.