Does anyone have Decolzep 868 platform

  1. This shoe just popped up, kinda got my attention. Does anyone have it?? Reccomendations if do? In general do you I could have some fun with this??? Must be a return.:yes:
  2. I honestly really like the look of this shoe... I've seen it in real life and think its very sexy and beautiful. Now, as for the comfort, I have no clue! But if you are getting a deal and/or its a hard to find shoe, you might as well get it, and return it later if you dont like the fit!:p
  3. is the bottom silver? Those are really pretty but I've never seen them IRL.
  4. Yes, they are patewnt with a sliver heel and platform. They are 4 1/2 high though!! However it would not be a everyday shoe. I just love your Rolandos on you!!!! Dogs and shoes together... what could be more perfect?:heart:
  5. I completely agree Z your pup looks adorable and those shoes are incredible!!:p
  6. I think they are fun! CL BH has them in orange and electric blue patent which i love!
  7. Speaking of the BH store I just got my black patent wedges from Alsiha!!! I love them!! :heart:I really,really do!!:tup:

    Do you think I can dress these down sometimes, the ones I posted??
  8. ^ oh yeah!

    and you can definitely dress up or down; just a cute top and jeans or add sparkle to a simple dress.
  9. Yeah, and a TPF member just posted a pair of Fox Trots that are:drool::drool: it is killing me.
    I wish the ones at Saks were on sale, they had to be a return.
  10. i just bought those in blue patent! they're actually pretty comfortable.. will post a picture when i get done with my (last!!) final in a few hours :smile:
  11. I tried them on, they're actually fairly comfortable. I actually love these shoes.
  12. here are some pictures!

    excuse the mess in the background, just finished finals and packing to go home for christmas!! :smile:
    IMG_0101.jpg IMG_0103.jpg IMG_0105.jpg IMG_0108.jpg
  13. here are the shoes!
  14. They look awesom on you!!
  15. Invenio Those are Gorgeous!! The color couldn't get any better