Does anyone have any info on the headbands worn by ScarJo..

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  1. in the ads? I just opened April's Marie Claire and it had a model from the fashion show wearing the headband, but no price, no info.
    Are they going to produce it and if they do, how much do you think it would cost????
  2. Sounds good, but I don't think they are produced for the masses, are they?
  3. A lot of the accesories they wear in LV fashion show are coture and are not sold to the public (runway only).
  4. is this true about the cloud bags?

  5. Is it one of the flower ones?
  6. The cloud bags are available, they were at the last trunk show I went to :yes:
  7. The head bands range from 350-800$US in one of the mags I read a while back. However, most of the newer mags say ~385$US :yes:

    Also I have news about the flower BRACELETS worn by Scarlet in the ads, they're more budget friendly--> 185$
  8. The headbands were at the trunnk show also. They will be available!
  9. They are AUS vogue this month too .. i think for $550 AUS $$:yes:
  10. These are called Poupee for anyone who's interested ;)
  11. ooohh!! Thank you for the info! I was interested in both the bracelets worn by scarlett as well as the organza/puffy headbands she wears. They are so lovely. I don't know how they'd look on me, but at least if I call, I won't sound like an idiot!!!!

  12. well an extra tip for not sounding silly: the bracelet Poupée (thanks Rebecca!) means "doll" and it's pronounced as "poo-pay" with the stress on "pay" ;)