Does anyone have a Kooba bag?

  1. Just wondering what the general opinions are on these.
  2. Do a search of this thread...there are a lot of posts about Koobas. Very positive
  3. Got a Sienna in desert and is TDF!! Worth every penny.
  4. I have a Sienna and I was pretty impressed by the quality and the leather. But they're pretty sensitive don't spray the light colours with apple spray because they get discoloration. Next time I'll buy a darker colour.
  5. Thanks! I'll do some searches. I was wondering how soft the leather was, there are some great deals on e-bay! I like the cream color. :smile:
  6. i have one.. it is pretty.. the leather is not as soft as my ferragmo nor balenciaga but it is really pretty
  7. I have the woven Ada and I *love* it. It's gorgeous in person, beautiful leather. My boss saw it and nearly had an orga$m while stroking it. :lol:
  8. I have a Lucy, Chiara and a Claudia. *Love* them all. I get tons of compliments on them and the leather is very nice.
  9. I love the Lucy! I think that will be my next Kooba. I want a black one. :love:
  10. Got the Lucy in Black and the leather is very soft on it. Nicely made bags, especially if you can get them on sale.
  11. LOVE LOVE LOVE my Sienna. I get tons of compliments. I thought about getting a light/creme. Not an easy color.
  12. I have two sienna's - one in nutmeg and another in desert - they make great everyday bags for hauling stuff around. You do have to be a little careful about denim transfer though . . .
  13. Be careful with ebay because there are a lot of fake Koobas out there. I love my Claudia!
  14. Well, I had a Kooba 'Lysette" sStyle I got last August, which I loved only to have her strap break 2 weeks into wearing my opinion is not great! Save your money on a bag that actually is worth it!

    The Strap broke at the hardware! Luckily I was able to take her back to bloomies and get my $500 back!
  15. Ooooohhhhh, you should definitely get one. She was the first Kooba I bought and I love her to bits. I have one in cognac. I've been thinking of a Claudia in black for a while, but I've got so many black bags that I'm kind of sick of them at the moment.