does anyone else have strech marks?

  1. im a 31 year old mum of two and could do with some ressurance ,i have really bad strech marks on my stomach ,and yet i have freinds who have had more kids than me with no marks on them at all:sad: .Im sure im not the only one i?
    how come thers liposuction and yet nothing to get rid of strech marks its unfair.
  2. are you *sure* they don't have any stretchmarks? you have some seriously lucky friends if they don't, pretty much everyone has them in some shape or form. i don't have them on my stomach becuse i haven't had kids but i do have them on my hips and some on my boobs. it's not just pregnancy, weight loss or gain causes them too.
  3. I have a few on my hips, no kids. They seem to never go away, I've had them for years.
  4. Yeah i've got some on the inside of my thighs, which appeared in my late teens, and i gained a few more during pregnancy on my 'love-handles' and tops of my thighs...darn things.:sad:
    My stomach escaped them.

    I'm afraid to say they never go away, but they do fade alot with time - and they can also be very cleverly concealed with fake tan.

    There's a product called bio-oil that claims to help them fade if used when they first appear.

    A friend of mine has them really bad on her stomach too, she's got 2 kids and she will not get her belly out, ever, not even to go swimming.

    They are not that nice to look at, but in all honesty, they are part of life, growing up, and having kids....please don't be too ashamed of them - they are a reminder of your beautiful children and they are part of you and your history.
    :love: :flowers:

    And us women notice them more than men, i think!
  5. I only had a few on my hips and upper thighs until I got pregnant. Then I got them on my stomach pretty bad from the belly button down. I wouldn't be wearing a bikini or showing off my lower stomach even if it looked perfect, so I am not worried about it at all. The only thing that can be done about mine is a tummy tuck....just get the whole section of stretched skin removed. Maybe someday, but I doubt it.
  6. thanx for the ressurance,its nice to know no ones perfect,
    and good to know that we can share thoughts and opinions on here;)
    thanx guys;)
  7. Unfortunately I have them too :crybaby:I have them on my hips, butt and tummy. I got them during my first pregnancy.

    I did consult with a plastic surgeon once, about 5 years ago. At that time he said there was no way to get rid of them except as LoriB said.....they can be removed from the tummy with a tummy tuck.
  8. I never had them before, but when my son was born 3 months ago, I notices some right above my hip bones. It's funny, I didn't notice them while I was preggo, but when I got home from the hospital, there they were.
    Oh well! They're not too bad, and well worth it.
  9. yea i agree ther unsightly but i dont regret them i guess its a good way for kids to leave a trademark lol.
    i just wish you could buy a laser pen that could just zap them away ,a tummy tuck is very extreme tbh.
  10. Can someone please give me more information on what bio-oil is and where I can get it? Maybe I can make my stretch-marks go away.....
  11. I have stretchmarks on my thighs, no kids. Please don´t feel too bad or ashamed of yourself girls over some silly little thing like stretchmarks! They´re marks of life. My bf has them too, on his lower back! They can come when you loose weight or gain weight or if you grow up real quickly during teens, so women are not the only ones:yes:
  12. EVERYBODY has stretch marks ! Don't feel bad . I got some on sides of thighs in my early teens from shooting up to 5'11 by age 14 . No kids yet , they say it's kind of hereditity how bad you get them .
  13. I have stretchmarks on my lower belly after having my youngest son-they are lighter than they were before (he is 5 1/2 now), but, they are still there. Pretty common for people to have them I think
  14. My daughter will be 20 in November. I still have my stretch marks. Surgically remove them? Never! I consider them my badge of honor! Any woman that's gone through pregnancy and childbirth knows what I mean! ;)
  15. i was a skinny stick before pregnancy, ballooned like you wouldn't believe, now back down to average weight but the results are major stretch marks, stretched out skin, the works. nothing will make that go away - no oil, cream, etc. it's okay, life goes on, and i learned a lesson about vanity. :flowers: