does anyone else get mistaken...

  1. for being younger than they really are? So I was at my parents' house last weekend...I was in line to pay at Wawa and the guy in front of me turned around and was like "Did I go to school with you?" He didn't look familiar and name wasn't familiar, so I said that maybe he went to school w/ my sister. He asked what year she graduated and I said 2002. He said no and when I asked what year he graduated, he said 2004. I graduated high school in 1997. His eyes went :wtf: and he was like "wow, you look really young". Thanks. I guess this will be good for me when I'm 50.
  2. of the pluses being Asian, we don't age as fast!
  3. swee7bebe you do look very young. the same thing happens to me. it happened during my int today. she thought i was in my twenties. when we turn 60 we will still be rockin then.
  4. Yeah I know I look young. Up until maybe 2 years ago, I used to get followed by the security guards in the casinos in Atlantic City. My bf used to get a kick out of it because he's 2 years younger than me, and I'd be the one who they're asking for ID.
  5. Considering I was in Vegas this past week and I got carded everywhere...yes! I'm 28 and people found it hard to believe I'm 21.
  6. YES and I LOVE IT!! Lots of people think I'm in my early 30s when they first meet me...but next year is big 4-0! I never outgrew my chubby pink cheeks and I used to hate them but I guess they help hide wrinkles now!!
  7. yes, one night my DH and I were sitting around with some of his friends from work who were in their early twenties. We all started talking aobut the tv shows we watched as kids, and after I mentioned a few I remember (like Petticoat Junction:lol:) he looked at me funny. I was 39 at the time, but he thought I was around 21 like him.

    Another time, I went trick-or-treating with my daughter, her friend, and her friend's mom. I was in a costume of sorts, with a half-mask, and went up to the door with the girls while the other mom waited at the end of the sidewalk. I scored one of the biggest bags of candy of ALL my halloweens!

    And last year, my younger daughter and I were taking the bus to run some errands, and I only paid for a one way fare because I had left my bike at my office and was going to ride it home. The driver thought I was paying the youth fare, like my daughter, and gave me a youth day pass.:lol: (which I used the rest of the day with no questions from any of the other bus drivers!)
  8. time I went out to dinner w/ bf, his sister, and her family. Their daughter was 4 at the time...the waiter brought out those crayons/placemats that they have for kids. He brought out two sets! LOL. They were all laughing at me....
  9. Yes. Someone recently thought I was in high school!
  10. Yeah ...........I still get carded and stared down when @ the bar or casino's ...

    the funniest was a couple weeks ago .. i went to buy protection :graucho: and after i asked for them the clerk looked @ me like i was crazy for asking for them :lol: he got them and was about hesitant to giving them to me , he hard stared me than gave them to me ....that was funny.
  11. yeah, same here, being asian and petite.. ppl couldn't really guess my age.......
  12. Yes, all the time and when I was in my early-mid 20s it really bothered me. I was very self-conscious about how young I looked.

    The worst time was when I was 22 and got mistaken for 13. I was absolutely devastated :crybaby: . Another time, I went to a bar for my best friend's bachelorette party. The drinking age in that province was 18. Out of the entire party, I was the only one the snotty waitress chose to pick on. She came right up to me, in front of everyone else, got right up in my face very aggressively and yelled "Do you have ID?????!!!!". She obviously thought she was teaching me a lesson for trying to sneak into HER bar. Haha, I was 25! I was pretty upset and humiliated by it, though. Here I was, all dressed up for this big party, thinking I looked really hot, and this B&^CH who was probably barely 18 herself makes me feel like a teenager all over again.

    Now that I'm 36 I love it, though! Most people think I'm in my mid-late 20s.
  13. All the time.. I still get carded at MOVIES ! Once I went with my brother (15 !) and I was the one that got the ID check, not him. Bahh..
  14. bah ... alll you guys make me hate you! j/k I wish I got mistaken for younger all the time .. I am only 26 , but not normally do I get mistaken for younger, only once in a while when I am not wearing makeup ... in High school people would sometimes think I was a teacher .......::sigh:::crybaby:
  15. I'm asian :sad: but I'm not petite or small, so people usually only guess I am younger by aboug 4 years. I think it's good that you get mistaken for younger :biggrin: helps when you get older!!