Does anyone else feel like the price increase has made you irrational?

  1. OK, so I caught wind of the impending price increase and have completely lost my mind. I started browsing the boards and decided that I was going to buy 1 new Chanel, a Dark Silver Reissue. Since then, I've been completely obsessed and have also ordered:

    - White Baby Coco Cabas (thanks to the board, got the old price at $1795)
    - Dark White Jumbo Classic with Bijoux Chain (on the way)
    - and yesterday, to take advantage of the Saks EGC, the Beige GST!

    I'm starting to feel a bit ridiculous by adding so many pieces in such a short time span, but try to justify it on the price savings (like saving $200 on the baby cabas, EGC, etc.). Regardless, I've think I've lost my mind and will need help on deciding what to keep/return when everything arrives. BTW, Other Chanel bags I already own include a black caviar kelly, black ultimate soft (large), and beige/black cambon bowling bag.

    Is anyone else experiencing this price increase-insanity??
  2. Prices go up all the time, I don't think it is worth spending $4000 just to save a few hundred in the long run. Chanel is pricey, I don't think it should be stocked up on like tins of beans :nogood:. Buy what you love and will use IMHO.
  3. Yes. To compare it on a much smaller scale, it’s like when you see a buy 1 apple get the second apple 50% off. You really didn’t need two apples, per say but you want to get the discount nonetheless.

    Funny thing is, although you saved money in the long run, you ended up spending more in the near term. Instead of buying a $1 apple now you’ve spent $1.50.

    And the recent Chanel price increases have just been rotten (ba dum dum). He he. Sorry, that joke was too easy to not do. But seriously, wouldn’t it be funny if Chanel’s sales were really slow this term and in order to bring up their sales for the quarter they decided to do a price increase to scare everyone into buying the bags before November 1st? Wouldn’t that be ironic…
  4. I think it's completely insane. Here I am, talking to my friends, saying what a great deal $1750 is for the GST, especially when the average price of a Chanel is going for about $2000! We often laugh when we think back at how "cheap" the Chanel bags (in general) were at about $1000 just 1-2 years ago!
  5. Again, I just want to reiterate that I'm not keeping all 4 bags. I'm waiting until they all arrive, then decide which one (or two) I'll keep. The whole thing about the price increase just caused me to find all the best deals I could for the list of Chanel bags I've always wanted to add to my collection. ITA with mycarryon that we're losing sight on the costs of these bags and thinking $1000+ is "cheap"!
  6. Luckily for me, I cannot seem to locate any of the bags that I want. This is keeping my wallet and marriage safe!
  7. Hehe..its such a tought position to be in. Last PI in totally skipped over the jumbos because I wasn't feeling them and wasn't going to be bullied into buying them just because of the PI. Now....I want them and love them, and not sure what to do. I am sure I'll accelerate my buying....but If I don't love a bag, its not staying home with me. Its better to wait, pay a little more for what you love.
  8. All I can say is YES!! I have purchased 4 bags in 2 months!
  9. Yeah I wouldn't go spending thousands now just because you might save a few hundred...but show us pics of the bags when you get them and we'll help you decided! I think everyone is feeling that they should stock up on Chanel though but we shouldn't have to spend so much money every time they announce a price increase!

  10. Yes, this price increase has driven me irrational. :tdown:
    Over the past 2 months, I have purchased the following:
    1) one white baby cabas
    2) one ivory lambskin classic medium flap
    3) one light silver reissue in 226 size
    4) one dark white bubble quilt flap (maybe exchange or return later)
    5) one beige quilted ultimate soft
    6) one bordeaux GST

    I truly feel that I am out of control. And that's totally because I am worried that the prices of Chanel handbags will become insanely expensive a few years ahead. :tdown:
  11. i am going through the same thing - but i'm not sure about the idea of "stocking" up because a few weeks later i'll see another thing i MUST HAVE and then end up buying more and more. thus, i'm not really saving money. there will always be something else we will want so my strategy now is to try to space out my purchases as widely as possible (1 bag every 2-3 mos for example) and not worry about the price. i think in the long run i'll be a lot happier this way, but that's just me. i need my fix every couple of months at the latest!

    unfortunately i went against my own rule this month and bought 3 new bags. ugh. i'm in serious trouble for the rest of the year now...
  12. another thought about the price increases: this is just sad, i also think any bags priced $1000-1500 are a good deal now since my last few bags have cost me $2500+ each. OUCH.
  13. I don't quite agree with the "stocking" idea either, but I am pretty sure that I won't be willing to purchase a Chanel bag (for example, GST) with a USD$ 2150 price tag.
  14. No, not really. Honestly, I don't think you're actually "saving" money if you've gone on a spending spree of thousands of dollars on these bags. IMHO, I'd rather pay more and get 1 bag that I know I'll love and wear for years. I think that if you spend like this every time there is a possible increase, you're actually going to spend MORE in the long run.
  15. The Chanel price increases make me feel panicked. I've been thinking about which bag, possibly which TWO bags, I'm going to get before November. I need anxiety medication to get me through these times. lol