Does anyone actually own Birth of Luxury?

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  1. I see threads where people want get it, but does anyone actually own it already? I was thinking of going to buy one tonight..are the pictures fab? Thanks
  2. I bought it a few weeks ago. Lovely book, very very informative regarding the history of Louis Vuitton the person, the Vuitton family and the company. Beautiful pictures too.
  3. Thanks!!
  4. I have it too. There aren't as many pics of the actual bags as I had hoped but it is very interesting.
  5. it's a heavy sucker, but I think it's beautiful, and a great coffee table/collector's first I wasn't too thrilled about the pictures (or lack thereof) but I realize now that the book is meant to be more about the beginnings of Louis Vuitton (the person and the bags).
  6. I have it and I really like it! it looks good on the coffee table but and it tells you so much about Louis that I love even more to spend my hard earned money on his products! He and his familiy were such fighters with visions for that time. IMO it's worth every penny!
  7. I am on reserve at my Library to lend it, I just want to read it :P Though I would of course love to have it myself, but the money is not there for me right now :P
  8. I would have to say louis vuitton or goyard
  9. Yes! I got it for Christmas and it's a great investment. There's so much history in there that the true LV lover can really appreciate. I haven't even gotten all the way through it yet. :smile:
  10. I am emailing inkleaf as it's not here yet and I ordered it in January.
  11. Kathy you definately should have had the book by now :evil: . They should at least give you a credit of some kind. You've been very patient.
  12. I emailed them right after I posted here. I will wait to hear from them and if I can't get it there, I may get it from somewhere else instead (or put the $ towards another LV :P).
  13. I bought it in November from
    They have it in the LV boutiques for $125.
  14. I just checked the local libraries catalog and they do not carry this book!!!! I am so upset now!
  15. Has anyone received their book from I ordered it way back then and have gotten about 5 updates about how they haven't gotten it in stock yet and they're working hard, blah blah. I think I'm about to cancel my order!