does anybody have a bag in chevre mangalore?

  1. or even maybe in a small leather goodie. my SA it's more plastic-ky (and says she doesnt like it) looking than the other chevre we all love.

    care to share a picture? thanks a lot in advance! :smile:
  2. I'm so anxious to see one too. The leather takes colours really nicely!
  3. why did they have to name it mangalore? what does that mean anyway?
  4. Wow, chevre mangalore sounds so exotic and gorgeous.
    What is it???
  5. found this in another thread....from CynthiaNYC

    3) As mentioned previously, Chevre Mangalore, which is a finely grained goatskin. I was unable to determine whether it will replace CDC or...?? Mangalore is much less grainy and even lighter weight than CDC. The sample I saw was in Vert Olive, which was absolutely stunning.
  6. I saw a sample of it and it reminded me of chevre mysore, but with really even graining....I'm wondering it you'd detect any spine at all on a full sized bag. I liked it, but I didn't see anything that would make it more desirable than the other chevres (of course....I was just looking at a swatch).
  7. I saw the swatches and its more glossy and shiny hence, the plasticky effect of the leather. But I wonder what it will look like in an actual bag.
  8. I have been wondering about how chevre mangalore will look in a bag too. Swatches are just way to small to make a decision if it's something that I'd like in a bag.

    I was also told it will come in Vert Olive. Don't know what other colours. Hopefully, as the months move along this season, more members will see or get to hear from information about SS2008's colour combinations.
  9. I just got a bearn tri-fold in this in rose shocking and it doesn't look plasticky at all (though my SA did mention that this one had less of a sheen than others she has seen). Here is a picture - hope it helps clarify.
  10. Beautiful Bearn! Thanks for posting!
  11. Thanks, beaumonde - this leather really lets the colour shine!
  12. oh the forum is behaving funnily.... pics don't show up.Would love to see the new chevre
  13. gem, the photo is showing up for me (they don't show if you're not logged in - perhaps that's the problem?) If you still can't see it, pm me and I can send you pix off line.
  14. I think the forum was experiencing some issues late this afternoon, couldn't see any pictures/avatar etc etc. It's been ok since late evening.

    mistikat, just love the glorious colour of RS!!