Do your SAs do this?

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  1. One thing I noticed whenever I go into my H stores is that the SAs always try to get me to buy a Bearn wallet. I don't know why but they just KEEP telling me to get one. It's not just my SA either, it's several other SAs as well. Seriously, it's like every time I go in there, I'll be looking at stuff and buying stuff and eventually someone will ALWAYS pipe up and tell me that I "need" to get a Bearn wallet. Has this ever happened to anyone else? I do like Bearn wallets, but I keep thinking I cannot justify one without a bag to go with that, not to mention I don't believe in spending so much money on a wallet, considering how rough I am on it. Also, I already have LOTS of wallets at home. Anyways, even if I get a wallet, it'll be regular leather, and even then it'll be the compact size. Nonetheless, I'm feeling as if I'm being pushed and pressured into a wallet and the more they do this, the more of an opposite effect is going to have on me. At the rate this is going, I'm actually going to end up disliking wallets. Anyways, has this ever happened to anyone? I mean, not necessarily wallets but just instances where ppl keep pushing a particular item on you?
  2. No, Kou. Only your SAs do this. GET OUT OF THAT STORE!!!

    Seriously. All over this board there are stories of people's SAs who are thoughtful, considerate, and diligent - in short, all angels. So make another H your go-to store and boycott this one. Bet you'll have much better luck then.
  3. KOU.......isn't there another H store close to you? I'll tell you........if there was another H store up my way, even if it was an hour in the opposite direction, I'd drop SF like a hot-potato!
  4. The only other store close to me is Beverly Hills, and I'll be competing with even more wealthier people while I'm there. The chances of getting on the list for that store is even smaller ... Las Vegas seems nice, but they have a huge client base too. There's a store that I work with sometimes on the East Coast. It's a smaller store but that means they have less allotment for bags. Generally they'd be lucky if they can order one croc a year.
  5. Meeee too!!!! :yes:
  6. That sounds really off-putting. Pretty unfortunate. Have never had an SA try that on me....
  7. well, in my case - if i'm contemplating on getting a bag, they always point out that this bearn wallet would match this bag. trying to sell a wallet at the same time while you're debating if this bag is the perfect bag for you! i still don't have a bearn wallet......i don't listen to them half the time.
  8. Gosh, no Kou. I agree, drop that SA! Surely there are other SAs in the store that you could work with?
  9. My store definitely doesn't push me to get stuff. Once in a while, they'll show me something and then if I say "no," they stop there.

    Gosh, your store sounds really strange.
  10. Not really ... Kind of complicated actually ... Actually, maybe I will have better luck in getting bags if I'm one of those without a preference ... Argh, I really don't want a wallet though.
  11. My Las Vegas SA asked if I wanted a fuchsia ostrich wallet one time, I said no and since then she has NEVER asked me about it again. It's just that Las Vegas is kind of a wild card, pretty much impossible to get on there as well since there're definitely lots of wealthy ppl and a huge international client base.
  12. I suggest you continue working with Larissa (send her some Holiday flowers/chocolates etc)......

    You may have better luck with her.
  13. Kou, I shop at your store and my SA and none of the others ever push stuff on me. Not once.
    My SA shows me stuff that I might like and gives honest opinions about them and the other things I look at while I'm there. But NEEEEVVVVERRR makes me feel guilty about not buying something.
  14. There's already someone that I talked to on a regular basis in Las Vegas store before I met Larissa though. I don't know if I should deal with Larissa or the SA I normally talk to (who is also nice and has called me about a bag). Larissa is higher in position that the other SA but I feel the other SA is more familiar with me. What to do?
  15. Do you have anything ordered from SCP right now? In your past experience, do they tell you if something is confirmed or is it one of those hanging in the limbo thing? After seeing what my friend is going through, I'm uncertain about things. I mean, if they do take an order from me, how would I knwo if it's really placed when there's no confirmation ...?