Do your bags patina evenly?


Do your bags patina evenly?

  1. Absolutely my bag is evenly golden!

  2. Close but not quite the same shade all over!

  3. My patina looks like night and day!

  4. Patina, what's that!?!

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  1. I was at the beauty salon and a woman complemented me on my bag. It was the manhattan. She also made the comment of how she has never seen a bag patina so evenly. All my bags have an even patina. I said well I use it? I didn't really know what to say as I don't really know why all my bags are so even. I wonder if this is perhap because, even with my handbags, I rarely hold them by the handle. Instead I keep them in the crook of my arm. I think the oils and such of your hands cause the darker spots, right? I have a friend who has a bag that is lightly patina(ed) except the part where she holds at her hand and its a dark brown (looks kinda weird actually). Anyhoo, It just got me curious-how do your bags patina!?!
  2. All of mine have an even patina. It would bother me if they didn't. :yes:
  3. mine has always has a pretty even patina...none of that gross brown handle business. i keep mine in that part of my arm too. but always am like a freak about washing my hands....i probably dont have much oil on my hands on a regular basis.
  4. Me too about washing my hands!

    To be honest, I never thought much about it until that woman brought it up then I realized that my bgas really are very even!?!
  5. Most of my bags have even patina except for the handle is darker than the other...
  6. mine are all pretty even...except if there is a buckle the part that isn't exposed is still very light!
  7. Same, here. Constantly washing my hands and they are really dry so there's not enough oil to darken it in one spot. So my patina is pretty even also.
  8. The more I think about it...I wonder if they woman thought my bags was fake because of the even patina!?! OMG LOL
  9. Me too, dry hands from constant washing. Wrinkly hands but nice even patina on my bags :shame: I guess it's a good trade off......
    :girlsigh: the things we do for our babies.
  10. My poppincourt haut has an even patina - but it's a shoulder bag and I hardly ever have touched the handles (my mom uses that now). I have the speedy and I hope the handles don't get darker because that will really bother me.
  11. mine are pretty even, but since they're all speedies, they're kinda darker on the top part of the handles, where i hold them. generally, pretty even...
  12. I make sure they have even patina. It would bother me to no end if it wasnt even.
  13. mine too although only very slightly
  14. So far, so even!
    I am a constant handwasher too...:girlsigh:
  15. I try to keep mine even as possable.