Do you wear stockings in the summer?

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  1. Hi guys, I dont usually post in the wardrobe forum but Im curious to know if nude stockings are a fashion no-no in the summer. I have fine veins popping up at the back of my knees and I was hoping that nude stockings would help hide them. Any other suggestions? Thanks:smile:
  2. The folks at benefit cosmetics make a great leg makeup (I forget what it is called) that will cover those pesky little veins - take it from one who's always loaded with knee bruises from various 'weekend warrior' activities!
  3. Thanks so much TJNEscada! ill try it out. Hopefully it will help me hide some of my old bruises as well!
  4. I don't wear them ever b/c I hate pantyhose and they make me itch. I don't think it looks bad though if you want to wear them. But don't worry about your leg veins and bruises-that is just all part of being human, nobody's perfect. I doubt people are really looking that closely at your legs.
  5. ^^ exactly-I don't think I would ever notice the back of someone's knees, nor would I care!:smile:
  6. Nope - but I hate my legs too so I use the Sally Hansen airbrush legs product and it works great!
  7. I wear stockings daily regardless of the season, I just find it distasteful going to work without them. I could never wear pumps without stockings...
  8. I only wear it in the's just too warm to wear in the summer.

    But that's just me.
  9. Bare legs always look better to me; I only wear tights in winter because of the temp.
  10. They are mandatory where I work. No way out of it without getting called out.
  11. Is it still a no, no to wear stockings with open toe shoes? Ive seen people wear them with peep toe, but really open toe that still a no?:thinking:
  12. I think it looks tacky with open toe shoes. There are some stockings out there made just for that purpose - the toes are open on the end so that the stockings cant be seen in open toed shoes. Might be Spanx that makes them?
  13. no...too hot.
  14. ^ Thanks! Figured Id post it here since this is a stocking thread. I think Ill just go buy shoes again.
  15. how about a spray tan? it may cover imperfections