do you watch and wait for price drops?

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  1. I shop for the best deal but almost never wait for a sale (unless I know it's imminent). Right now I've been watching some shoes that are on Amazon, Zappos and Nordstrom. The prices have changed somewhat but they are also saying they're almost gone. Main reason I haven't puled the trigger is I'm waiting for some (another style/brand) I already ordered. Want to see if they work before ordering more.
    If you wait for a sale, what's your strategy? If you wait for season change, then the item might be gone or it's not that useful due to weather change.
  2. I use shoptagr app
  3. thanks
    so if I put something in my cart from Nordies and it goes on sale elsewhere, will I be notified?
  4. Always!
    Purchase doesnt feel right unless I know I got a good deal, so it natural for me to wait it out.
  5. You should add the item you are after from any website to your shoptagr list and you get notified via email when it goes on sale. These days the app even gives you coupon codes. Really good !
  6. I signed up it popped up on a website and said do you want to save this item? I clicked for yes and it said there seems to be a problem.........
    in the meantime, I've gone ahead and bought some shoes I was watching. Got zappos to give me amazon price
  7. If there is a problem loading the website when redirected via Shoptagr i have just clicked on refresh icon and the page seems to load fine. You might try too
  8. Yes, I watch and wait after finding which sites are carrying the merchandise I'd like. Every once in a while, I wait too long and lose an item. :biggrin:
  9. TBH, I found Shoptagr annoying. It kept reminding me every few days that the price had dropped of an item for a month. Yes, I know this. You said the same thing 3 weeks ago. I deleted it.

    I stalk coveted items the old fashioned-way. I go to the website a few times a week. If there's a sitewide sale, I go twice a day. I have gotten better bargains using my intelligence instead of AI. YMMV!!
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  10. well, depends on the product. If it is hard to resist then I buy it immediately. But the problem is I found every collection hard to resist :biggrin::biggrin::biggrin:
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  11. I have always had success with stalking designer items online when they go on sale. In December I was stalking a Fendi cape coat daily. I was sure the black one was probably not going to ever be put on sale but I put it in my Saks cart anyway. When I went online that day, there it was 50% off in multiple sizes. I have never checked out so fast in my life. I went back to the Saks website to check my order status 3 hours later and it was completely sold out. I would have been so upset if I logged onto the site too late and found that it was 50% off and I missed it! But that has happened to me too. It is all timing.
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  12. Yes. I have purchased plenty of sale items online usually after midnight when most vendors update their websites. I have came across merchandise that was marked down in error and if the vendor caught the error immediately they will snatch the merchandise out of your cart and website at the same time.
  13. No, I’d just buy it. If you’re prepared to wait in the hope of a further reduction and risk losing it, it suggests you don’t really want it? And if you don’t really want it, why buy it, even if it is on sale?
  14. Yes, I think it is important to follow the discounts. Sometimes you can buy a great thing a little later, in the period of discounts and good to save on it.
  15. I wasn't willing to wait any more so I did buy the shoes from zappos. Within a week or so, they had been reduced but not by much. Don't know if it's worth asking them if they will give me the reduction.