do you watch and wait for price drops?

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  1. Worth a try :smile:
  2. they did it for me
    said they have a policy if price changes within 10 days they will adjust
    great CS
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  3. I like to wait on deals when possible, the tactic I find effective is to determine a price I'm willing to pay beforehand; and promise myself that I won't be upset if it gets sold before it reaches that price.
  4. I've been kinda wanting a robe from Amazon. Price varies according to color and size. the color I wanted was a few dollars less than some of the other colors. now it's gone up a couple of dollars. not that this makes that much difference but since I'm not really in a hurry for this item, I'd rather get it at the lower price. seems to be no rhyme or reason to their pricing.
  5. I use a Google extension called Keepa that works for Amazon. I'm able to see all the prices that the product has been in the last xxx days and so I can see if the current price is a high or low. If a product typically drops quite a bit, I won't buy it at a high point. Really helpful. It just adds onto every Amazon page, you don't need to do anything additional. Here's an example!
    So on this page for this Philips Hue play bar, I can see that the price was dropped to $61.99 not long ago, but the most consistent price is $69.99, which is also what it's priced at now.