Do you want red rubber soles?

  1. Inspired by chicbabacool's thread I started the search for red rubber soles by Vibram in the USA, so instead of sending my beloved loubies off to NY I could bring the red rubber soles to my local shoe cobbler OR in a perfect world, my local shoe cobbler would actually have these red rubber soles in stock! After many, many emails and numerous send arounds I finally get this email from the Director of Sales for USA:
    Now fellow tpfers and loubie lovers, I ask you this: "How important is it to YOU to have the matching red rubber soles? TIA for your responses!! :tup:
  2. i am afraid they are not important to me, i don't like that look i am afraid and i just leave them as are...
  3. I too did a search for them but saw nothing on their website, and really didn't want to inquire about it directly. I guess if they were available I would try to get some since it would nice to have some of my CLs resoled and not have to get black soles put in.
  4. ^^i would love to be able to have my local cobbler put on good red soles on my CLs since I put on soles on all of my nice shoes I expect to wear a little bit =)
  5. i think red rubber soles are a great idea!!! from afar or when you are walking, you probably can't even tell they are rubber and they will be much more durable than the current leather bottoms. plus, the only part that really shows when you are standing is the red right behind the heel.
  6. If they are readily available at the local shoe shop, I would like to have them on my shoes. But if I have to send my shoes to NY to have the red soles put on? Nah :smile:
  7. I'm hesitant it getting rubber soles for my dress shoes. The reason being is b/c I wear them to special occasions w/c mostly are weddings and other kinds of parties, w/c of course, dancing is a must. Hence, with rubber soles, it would be difficult for me to do the Cha-Cha!
  8. I put them on 2 of my CL's...but I went through the eBay ones....a mistake. If my cobbler had them I would totally put them on.
    I think they would be very popular.
  9. If you look at chicbabacool's original thread you will see that I had done exactly the same thing and may shortly be in a position to supply red soles for any members requiring them here in the UK.

    My comments in chicbabacool's thread were:

    I have found a distributor, here in the UK, who can supply 1/2 soles, IN RED, with a thickness of 1.8mm. The material looks identical to the soles of your shoes that Arty repaired.

    They can do 1.0mm thick but they sent me a sample of the 1.8mm, in Black, and that looks fine. I think the 1.0mm thick would not be very long lasting.

    My only problem now is that they do have a minimum order quantity and the lead time is upto 6 weeks.

    In the near future I may be in a position to supply these soles to members, here in the UK, that are looking to have red sole replacements. I could send them to members in the USA but I am not sure if the shipping cost would make it a viable proposition for you.

    As soon as I have these soles I will send photos of 'before' and 'after' on the Palace Zeppas and the Marcoil Sanpla Sugheros.
  10. not sure about the rubber soles. just had a chat with my shoe guy in santa monica and he places leather on the soles and then paints the soles red to match the rest of the shoe. think i am going to take my activas to him (my least fav shoe) and see what magic he can work.
  11. I think it's a great idea! I haven't bought a pair of CLs in forever (shame on me! :p) seeing as I live in Winter Wonder Land and never get more than 1x use out of them anyway, but it really bothers me that the red on the sole gets scruffed up even after using them just once, mostly on carpet! :sad: When I move further south and can wear CLs daily, I will def. want to have mine resoled in red :p
  12. When you get your shoes back, PLEASE post pics! I'm glad to hear that there are cobblers in CA who do CLs.
  13. my cobbler actually paints it the same color of red as the soles. he has alot of louboutin customers.
  14. ^^How long does the paint last?
  15. has anyone ever been to arturos shoes in beverly hills?

    i heard good things about him from Barneys there