do you use your bbags everyday, or just for special occasions?

  1. i'm one of those people who buys really nice things, but then fears actually using them. but i'm considering buying a larger bbag for work. should i? are bbags too chic for work? will there be too much wear and tear on them? or should i save them for other occasions? :shrugs:
  2. Bbags are never too chic. Not too chic for the grocery store, not too chic for the laundromat, and certainly not too chic for work. I use one of my 5 each and every day :yes:
  3. Im an everyday Bbagr'!
  4. I'm like you, Bella. I worry about using my precious bags! But my New Year's resolution was to use them and so I've been carrying my black City every day for two weeks. Of course, I still haven't been able to carry my Olive Day... it's so wonderful I don't want to ever take a chance on hurting it! I guess I should just frame it and hang it on the wall...

    Can B bags go in the rain? They won't get spotty like LV leather?
  5. everyday. whether I just grab my small compagnon wallet and run to the store or my Day on weekends or my City for work.

    I did cheat though and buy a LV Lockit bag, should be here tomorrow. That will be my first LV bag that I've bought in a loooong time.
  6. Everyday! I've stopped using all my other bags since I bought my first bbag (which was almost 1 year ago!)...:nuts:

    Bella - I also used to save my nicer stuff for special occassions, but those times just didn't occur enough. So I decided one day that *now* is the time to enjoy my things. :yes:
    (Besides, these bags are much too pretty to keep hidden in a closet! :p )
    I think the city or the work style would be great as an everyday bag - perhaps in a darker color such as black, anthracite, or marine?

    ^Anthracite - I've had to subject my ink and black cities in the pouring rain a few times and they've held up fine! No spotting at all...
  7. Everyday fo sho! What's the use of having them if you can 't use them!! :yes:
  8. Plus I don't think bbags are that "dressy" and for me, the look is more an everyday look (despite the price!) , so I think they look great with casual. Don't save them! Use them and enjoy!!!
  9. i use my city often. i just got it and love showing it off...even tho i haven't seen a single other bbag in huntsville and i doubt anybody else knows what it is :smile:
  10. They seem to go with everything. I use mine every day.
  11. katielou,
    Are you from Huntsville, Alabama?
  12. I use mine every single day!!
  13. I use my black First almost everyday and I sometimes will carry rouge vif City to work.
  14. I use mine EVERY day! City during the week, and First on Weekends.
    My biggest problem is deciding which to use. I haven't been able to stop using my Rouge Vif since September, i've never been so addicted to a bag!
    The good part is, if you do wear it every day, it becomes your "signature bag":yes:
  15. I use all my b bags everyday. The best way to maximize every cent spent on them is to use them everyday. Plus- b bags make you feel good!! It can easily perk up an ugly outfit too!