Do you use tinted moisturizer?

  1. I took a trip to Sephora this weekend and one of the SA suggested i used a tinted moisturizer to even out my skin tone since I dont like foundation. The moisturizer was light weight and seemed easy to use but I just dont think I would use it regularly. I'm not a heavy makeup user, I tend to just do eyeshadow, lipstick and mascara. Has anyone ever used one if so what has been your experience? I'm still on the fence on whether or not I should try it.
  2. ^ I like to use tinted moisturizer on weekends or on days when I want a break from the whole foundation routine. I like Smashbox's version. It evens out my skin tone and hides any redness on the cheeks and nose.
  3. My skin was more even toned after she applied the moisturizer but then the SA said you need blush to make your cheeks rosey, and I have naturally rosey cheeks so after she put blush on me I thought I looked like I normally do. However the SA did make it quiet clear I dont normally look like how she made me look lol.
  4. I use tinted moisturizer on ocassion when I don't want to use a foundation... I think its great when you just want to even out your skin tone.

    You should always use a blush when applying foundation/tinted moisturizer so that you don't look flat or dull. Blush will replicate your natural glow that the tinted moisturizer may take away!
  5. I use it. I have rosy cheeks and don't need blush with it cos TM tends to be fairly see-thru. Now with foundation, I'd definately need it, as it's opaque and tends to blank out your cheeks.

    I use it when I'm lazy but don't want a bare face - it's handy.
  6. have at times
  7. I love tinted moisturizer. My favorite is Becca LSC but I sometimes use WNWs. I've heard great things about Hard Candy's TM from Wal-Mart, too.
  8. I am still searching for a suitable tinted moisturizer. Most brands do not have a shade that is suitable for me. It will be great if I manage to get my hands on the right one though, I love beauty products that multi-task
  9. I wear tinted moisturizer most of the time, unless I'm going out at night or something. I don't need or want heavy coverage or need to even up my skintone - basically I just need something for my powder to adhere to. Tinted moisturizer is perfect for me because it is such sheer, light coverage. I use it as I would a regular foundation and apply it over my daily moisturizer. For even more sheer coverage and to help it blend easily, I apply mine with a dampened makeup sponge. I use MAC Fix+ or Elf Mist & Set (tip from a MAC MUA) to dampen the sponge, and also spritz some on my face.

    My favorites are Kiehl's, Laura Mercier Illuminating, Stila Illuminating, and Sephora.
  10. I use Laura Mercier's tinted moisturizer and I really like it. There are 2 different kinds, regular and illuminating and right now I'm using the regular. I wasn't sold on it at first because although I don't like wearing heavy foundation, I have really rosy cheeks and I like the redness to be toned down. I found through trial and error that by applying it with a makeup sponge and using a technique similar to blotting the product into my skin instead of smoothing or rubbing really bumped up the coverage and I didn't feel like I was wearing a ton of make up. I do wear blush and bronzer over the moisturizer because I like to have color in my face but in a uniformed even manner. I think with any tinted moisturizer you use it will be all about the application and less about what kind. I also prefer tinted moisturizer to foundation because I have really dry skin in the winter time and the moisturizer helps soothe that. The tm I use is $42 so I would definitely try it before buying it if I were you. Perhaps go back to Sephora and test it out yourself instead of having a sales person apply it.
  11. Thanks. The one I tried was by Laura Mercier and maybe the issue was the application and not the product itself. I will go back and give it a try. I also think I wasn't sold on the color she put.
  12. I also have the LM tinted moisturizer. I'm pretty lazy and almost never wear it. I don't wear foundation either.

    It sounds like the SA put a bit too much on you. It should be sheer coverage. If you are like me I don't recommend wasting your money on the TM. I love the idea of them though.
  13. I don't like make up/ foundation, and I don't like tinted moisturizer because I like to have my skin bare most days. I use a normal moisturizer (La Mer) and I have 2 dif spf creams, one is a Kanebo without color and the other an Avene with a little bit of color for days I need it. The Avene one is the best product I've tried in many years.
  14. I personally always pick out my own make up shades because most sales associates choose colors way too dark for me. I hope I don't offend anyone but I seriously wouldn't trust most of the Sephora sales associates in my local Sephora to do my makeup either. I was in Sephora the other day picking out some Caudalie products and a SA asked if I needed help and when I turned around I came face to face with a girl wearing purple eye shadow from her lash line to brow bone.
    If you don't like tinted moisturizer have you thought about a cream foundation in a compact? That typically provides great coverage as well so you don't need to be heavy handed. I used Chanel's Teint Innocence Compact for a while and liked it. Sometimes even concealer with translucent powder over top does the trick as well.
  15. *Jem* I do worry that the product may ended up just sitting in my drawer since I have gone so long wearing my face bare. I do have a mac powder compact that I use 1 or 2 a week.

    LovesYSL, thanks for the suggestions, i'll look into those options. I think I may be so used to wearing nothing on my face that I'm having trouble transitioning.