do you think the legacy cosmetic pouch will be around till PCE event?

  1. I was going to get a lv pochette, but this is far more cute and roomy! But will this be around till the end of this month?!
  2. If there are any available now, I personally would get it now! I don't think they'll last long once they come out again. The Legacy stuff is just too hot!
  3. hmm. i don't think so...maybe if you get it the first day of pce?
  4. Sorry, but what is pce? Is that some sort of sale event?
  5. It's preferred customer event. It's basically a 25 percent off coupon.
  6. ooh cool.. How do you get that? Do you have to purchase a lot in order to get that? I only own 3 coach purses and accessories because I collect LV mostly.
  7. Some people say it's based on a certain amount. However, from what the SA at one of my regular stores said, it's based on being checked off for promotions on their system.

    I just found out that my addy was spelled wrong on their system which is why I wasn't receiving my PCE coupons and catalogs. Which is soooo odd because as much stuff that I bought at Coach, I have corrected that addy numerous times.
  8. they ALWAYS get my address wrong, even though i SPELL IT OUT every time...sigh. 95% of the time, a neighbor from a few streets down gets my stuff!
  9. It's a good thing she asked me for my addy because my items would have been in Timbuktu somewhere.
  10. Thanks for the information, I always receive catalogs at home but no coupons.:crybaby: . Can I just go to a coach boutique and ask about the discount? I just bought two shoes from there. I want to get a purse that would match the shoes but I want 25%.
  11. Well it's not a random coupon they just send out. It's only available when Coach says it's available. There is some talk that the next event will be this month during St. Patricks Day. If you have a regular SA, they may give you a discount during that time if you ask and haven't received a coupon. But from what I know, they are pretty stingy with it if you aren't a regular customer.

    At least I know if I really wanted something during PCE they would have given me the discount. My SA has told me that quite a few times.
  12. part of me is hoping i don't get a coupon and the sa will be mean and not give me one. (a VERY small part of me is thinking that...). i will spend WAY too much money if i get a pce coupon this time. :sweatdrop:
  13. ^^Give your coupon to Anghelq and STOP going to the store.
  14. theoretically, yes... :p
  15. Everytime I wait for a PCE...whatever I wanted sells out earlier that week....its a gamble to wait!