Do you post a reply before reading the responses?

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  1. I try to write my response, then check the replies. I just don't want to be influenced by what other people say but realize it can be really tacky to just add a reply. Sometimes the conversation has taken a turn or info has been added that clarify the OP.

    Now I try to check the replies before posting. Am I the only one?
  2. i check the replys first too. sometimes i realize the OP might have responded and added something which would change what i was going to write.
  3. It sort of depends on the thread...sometimes I read the original post and then go to the last page to see what's going on. If it's a long thread you can tell the people that just read the OP and then wrote their reply without reading...sometimes it stands out as the conversation has slightly turned.

    I think there is merit if you just type your original response and then do an edit to add once you check over some of the later responses and have two. or just post your original idea and add another, there's no harm in that!
  4. I always try to read the other replies first. People took time to write them, so I think I should read them. The only time I don't read all the replies is if the thread is too long or it's a thread like "What is your favourite colour?" or something similar.
  5. I try to read all the replies, but if it's a long thread I go to the last couple of pages only.
  6. I would usually read first. If someone has said what I wanted to, then I probably won't post. It's like repeating the same thing and I don't want to waste the OP's time. The only time I would post the same answer is when they ask about our favorite. And also I read first cuz the OP might already resolved the issue or the topic could have taken a different direction.
  7. I try to read them all... but if a thread is super long, I will skip ahead or just skim.

    Sometimes if you don't read- you end up missing the entire middle of the conversation, and then feel silly. I do that a lot :amuse:
  8. I read the replies...I don't want to repeat something that someone two posts above me just posted :p
  9. ^^^Hmmm....I am guilty of that one :upsidedown:
  10. If the thread is only a page long I read all the replies but I never read all the posts in a super long thread.
  11. I read VA's 200+ page thread in its entirety! OMG. That took a few days at work to do that! LOL!!!!
  12. I normally read( or skim!) before I post.
  13. I normally read (skim) through first. If it's just a basic question I'll just post a quick reply. I guess it really depends on the thread.
  14. I try to read the thread. Or at least read all of the OP comments in case the situation has changed. Sometimes I just post my 2 cents and then go back and read everything, depending on how long the thread is. If I see something I want to comment on then I'll post again. That is why a lot of times I'll have one post right after another. LOL!
  15. Sometimes... :rolleyes: