Do you own egyptian jewlery???

  1. I have an Art History class that got me sooo fancinated with Egyptian culture....its really has alot of Christian roots to it...alot of simularities....

    There is alot of wonderful symbols that has such great meanings....

    So I just ordered a Scarab and lotus flower bracelet...will load pics when I receive it in a day or so...

    Do you guys own any pieces??? Very curious......:p
  2. I don't but I LOVE the whole history and mystery surrounding Egypt. And I love looking at intricate Egyptian inspired jewelry. :smile: You'll have to post when they come in!
  3. Actually, I think Christianity received lots of influence from Egypt....since Egypt is sooo much older. The earliest representations of Goddess-Madonna with Baby boy on lap are from Egypt, from the cult of Isis. IIRC, they're like 2500BCE

    I have a few pieces of modern Egyptian style jewelry - and we've been looking on eBay for old stuff. I have a 1930's choker style Egyptian necklace and need to get it out and wear it!

    Here's a necklace from around 700-1000BC (not mine, it's in a museum. :blah:)
  4. Exactly!! That is what I was thinking and trying to say....:p Like the Ankh, which is like the cross we now know.....there are sooo many interesting simularities...and the meanings behind their culture is truley amazing.....

    That necklace is just wonderful!!!!! I cant wait for is what it looks like.....
  5. I have one of those dorky write-your-name-in-hieroglyphics-on-a-cartouche necklace. ;)
  6. Sorry guys its taking so long for pics...but the darn thing is coming straight fron Egypt and taking sooo long....well at least they refunded my shipping but...ughhhh, I dont want to miss the delivery cause I got classes!!!!:sweatdrop:
  7. I have just bought a Egyptain ring from London in one of the big stores. its amazing done in gold with an oval centre, in the centre is wood, which I know sounds really strange, but the wood has gone hard and is shaped like a scarab, the oval flips over and their is writing in the wood on the other side which is Egyptian
  8. Wow!!! Sounds amazing!!!!!!! Pics plz!!!!!!!!!!:nuts:
  9. WOW! Love, love the scarab ring....a real artifact too!!!! A dream come true...but the price is like...:sweatdrop:

    Oh, my bracelet came but is wayyy to big and had to give it to my local jewler for the doesnt look as good as in the picture, it looks a bit...odd.....but I loveeee the meaning and will wear this one everyday....but the quality is great.....will post pics as soon as I sorry!!!!!:smile:
  10. I collect ankh pendants.
  11. This is my favorite
  12. Wowza!!!!!!!!!!! So beautiful!!!!!!!!! Where did ya get it???? Its sooo hard to find great jewlery in Egyptian motiffs.....yours looks soooo fab!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yes: