Do you NEED RM Rehab?! IF SO, please join RM Anonymous HERE

  1. LOLs, Lynnia! You are too funny. Yes I have "blackouts" when my hand clicks "confirm order" on its own. Haute your gold Market Tote is da bomb. Please post some pics of it in the Market Tote thread:yes:
  2. haute, I so wuv your pupster (and the bags ain't bad, either). :graucho:
  3. Stillsearching, if you are :sad: for creating your .mac page, what exactly does that make me for looking at your page :confused1:
  4. Melissa Ann, you rock!!! I feel your pain but can't get down with the drinking. It would definately slow me down...right to knees hurling.
    Besides, I cant afford to barf my in car or on my shoes--that's sooo not sexy!! And could lead to my relapse...
  5. :roflmfao:
  6. LOL, good question! You are just an innocent person who clicked a link. It could have been anything! You are safe and not sad.
  7. Okay, I definitely need RM rehab now!! My name is Jamie and in about 2 months, I have bought 5 RM bags:
    1. Sunshine MAM (from online SS)
    2. BBW MAB
    3. Glazed Espresso Matinee
    4. Night Steady
    5. Tangerine MAB (which I just bought literally 30 seconds ago...)

    I have to stop. I'm totally obsessed and I live on the RM forum just waiting for new deals and new information. I have got to take a HUGE deep breath and step back. So, I am most definitely banned for right now!! But I'm just scared that I'm going to start obsessing over a new color that I don't even really like all that much just so that I can buy a new bag. I definitely need intensive rehab!!
  8. ^i've never seen the sunshine MAM, do you have pics?

    also, did you get your tangey MAB from lunaboston cause i saw it was on sale there :p
  9. Nope, I currently don't have pics. But I did finally get ahold of a digital camera and so I am planning on taking some this weekend. I'll post the pics here and on a collection thread (I have 36 bags as of now, but I think that some of them need to be sold, even though I adore each and every one).

    Yep, I got the tangerine MAB at LB. I gave into temptation because it went on sale and I don't exactly feel guilty about buying it; I just need to stop buying purses for right now.
  10. oh wow!!! 36??? i can't wait to see your collection girl!!!
  11. Oooo, I :heart: that tangy MAB! You can be sure that coming from LB it'll be flawless (they carefully inspect each bag). I have the tangy MAM, and if I were super rich I would have bought the MAB version, too. FYI: the bag softens up pretty quickly; at first the leather seems kinda heavy/thick. I was kinda bad today, too -- I bought a wine Nikki from LB (pre-sale; in 7/30ish). But at least I returned the persimmon Nikki I just bought...

    I'm banned until the fall colors, and then I can only maybe get 1 bag!
  12. Yep, 36. I think that I've counted all of them. I'll know for sure when I take pics. But I've been collecting purses since I was 15, so, for over 10 years. I don't think that 36 is bad in 10 years since I've never sold a purse that I've bought. (See, I'm still trying to justify my ridiculously large collection, which is mostly Coach, but with some Dooney, LVs and RMs too.)
  13. Yeah, the tangy MAB was why I fell in love with RM in the first place. I love orange and especially orange handbags (I love the orange in the sunshine MAM and I have a LV mandarin epi petit noe). I'm not really worried about the weight of the bag because I have lots of Coach legacy bags and they all weigh a ton.

    Don't worry about the wine nikki -- it was a simple exchange with the persimmon and the wine is such a gorgeous color that you will use forever! I actually like the deep red over the wine and that is my definite fall color that I am planning to get -- I'm just not sure in what bag yet.

    We can be banned until fall together! :tup:
  14. :shocked: wow!!! That is a lot of bags. I love RM but don't want too have too many bags of any designer. I like switching up my brands. I have 2 at the moment-my MAM blue stonewash and midnight/pewter matinee, and a wine nikki on preorder :yahoo:, and have had 2 that are selling :crybaby:

  15. You got the Tangy MAB!!!! YAY!!!

    Your RM collection is AWESOME!! What a great list. We need pictures, woman.