Do you NEED RM Rehab?! IF SO, please join RM Anonymous HERE

  1. Loquita that picture is the best!! Did you hide treats in there or something? LOL
  2. Nope. He's craaaaazy and the photo was completely unplanned! ;)

  3. Thanks stillsearching!! your .mac page is NOT sad!!

    Well i sold a lot of my non RM bags on eBay recently, so i have a little more space to store them, but i also recently purchased some shelved to add extra closet space... as of right now, all these bags are organized neatly on my bed until my extra shelves come in and i sleep on my mom's bed in the meantime:p
  4. LOL loquita- i like to keep an inventory on my bags too!! trust me you are not alone in this!!

    Come on gals- who else does this!! FESS UP!
  5. LOL...but where does your mom sleep?
  6. lol desi i WISH i need RM therapy like you do! but i do have 3 RM's and am dying to get more....i should just be happy with the 3 i've got...some people don't have any RM's. but i want more :girlsigh:
  7. OMG Desi you have a Duo! Is it Iris? I love it.
    I need rehab like the gal in my avatar here, but abstinence is not gonna happen-- the most I can hope is to cut back-- go on a maintainence program. Here is the list of my sins:
    Eggplant MAM
    Tangy MAM
    Dusty MAB
    Black/Pewter MAB (great deal from FLL!)
    Espresso MAB
    Violet Matinee
    Lavender Matinee
    Hazelnut Market Tote
    Yellow Nikki
    Forest Nikki on pre order

    Wow that was therapeutic.:yahoo:
  8. Hi Desi I am mrsshoe and I have had a serious shoe and handbag addiction. I am only using 5 of my 10 bags so the rest are going!

    Bye Night blue Nikki
    Bye bye Wine Nikki
    Bye bye Stonewash blue Nikki ( I am actually hoping the swap this one out for somethign else I want as it came damaged).

    I have already sold 4 bags which paid off my pre-order and then some. My debt is not bad, but I don't need so many so I figure I will be fine tuning my collection for awhile until i get it perfect!
  9. :roflmfao:
    Okay but on a serious note, reading threads like this one and the "saving" thread just stresses me out. I think that's a sign that I need to stop.
  10. omgosh you are getting rid of your nikkis? your WINE? are you going to put them on eBay??
  11. WOAH .. come to mama p3bbz Nikkis! :p

    I only have 2 RMs but I keep dreaming, fantasizing about more. Hopefully in due time will my collectin grow.
  12. Desi! :p

    I need to get rid of some of my recent purchases. ASAP! I need to stay away from tPF but I love chatting with everyone! Maybe we should request a rehab forum?
  13. Wow, Desi! You are the RM queen addict!! :queen: But if you can be reformed that gives us all hope that in fact in can be done! I have purchased:

    Eggplant MAM (attempting to sell)
    Hazelnut MAB (sold)
    Lavender MAM
    Whitewash Matinee
    Chocolate Matinee (sold)
    Onyx Matinee
    Glazed Almond Matinee
    Pre-ordered Navy Luxe MAM
    Pre-ordered Dark Brown MAM
    Pre-ordered Rose Mini Nikki
    (Yes, I finally confessed to my pre-ordering!)

    That's all since May/June. But I did sell off all of my LV and Coach bags to buy what I have! I want a yellow MAM but I'm resisting the urge to buy.

    So, my name is TL and I'm a Rebecca Minkoff addict! (sigh)
  14. I seriously need some REHAB!!! I can't seem to pry myself away from tpf for more than a few minutes at the time unless I am somewhere without internet...
  15. My goal is to just have one per style, but I have to have two Nikkis and two MAMs on hand at all times. You need a dark & a light one of these, right?
    It's weird but the average non-tPF civilian thinks it's a sign of impending insanity if you have the same bag in multiple colors/hardware. I know my SO does. But it makes perfect sense to me.