Do you likey or dislikey this bag.....

  1. the SoHo hobo in chocolate sig. I've been thinking about this bag and was wondering if anyone has it? like it? dislike it? Is it comfortable? useful? What are your thoughts? I've seen it listed on eBay in large, medium and small sizes. Is the small REALLY small? Is the large REALLY large? I want to buy it for a weekend bag or go to bag when I'm out all day with the kids and don't want to lug around my everyday bag (khaki/gold shoulder bag). I thought this might be a good casual alternative. What do you think?
  2. I had that purse you pictured in the leather and I returned it. I didn't like the wide strap, it kept coming off my shoulder. I had the large, which was a good size for me.. not too big, and I could fit everything in there.

    There is the same hobo with a little bit different strap


    This one stayed on my shoulder when I tried it on at the store... Overall I really liked the Soho hobo.. except for the strap on mine.. If you got the one with this other strap I think it would be perfect for you. It's very cute and casual!

    I took this pic from eBay for reference only and I am not affiliated with this auction in any way... :p
  3. i like it!
  4. I have this bag in the medium size & I like it! I find it to be very comfy, all my "junk" fits in it & it's not a heavy bag that kills your shoulder.
  5. I really like it.
  6. chichi..what is the style number for your medium? I'm thinking large but maybe the medium might be big enough. I need about the same amount of room as a medium ergo hobo? Would this medium soho hobo be comparable in size?
  7. Taralindsey---- so I should look for the criss-cross strap? Is that the one that fits better over the shoulder? I wonder if the signature fabric would be more flexible in this bag compared to the leather. Maybe it wouldn't slip or be so stiff???
  8. I like it.. everytime I have glanced at one my hubby has to pick it up and pretend he is drinking out of it, because it reminds him of those canteen things! :rolleyes:
  9. I like it, great shape.
  10. LOL..that is hilarious! It also reminds me of a banana... LOL
  11. i like it and i was debating getting one of these on eBay too, but i caved for a scarf demi; i love the chocolate signature-you should get it!!!!
  12. My medium is #10074. My mom has a medium ergo & the size is pretty similar. I have a large soho hobo as well. Everything I put in my large hobo also fits in my medium but the large has a a little bit of extra room to spare. I'm not sure how much stuff you carry though. I took some pictures of what I can fit in it. Hope it helps! If you need pics of the large hobo just let me know.


    I carry:

    *cosmetic case
    ....and I have room to throw my keys in the zippered pocket when I'm done w/them
  13. My mom LOVES this style bag...she owns TWO of them! It's not really MY style, but it's nice! If YOU like it, GO FOR IT!!!!!
  14. I LOVEEEE it! I'm so sad it's not on the Coach site anymore...that was the bag I wanted to get at first :sad:

    Settled for a Soho Flap instead...I love that too but I still want a hobo!
  15. I think the criss-cross strap was more comfy. I think the other strap was too wide for my shoulder or something because it would not stay on at all. I have had no problems with my other bags like the legacy shoulder which kinda has a thicker strap. The leather is very flexible so stiffness was never an issue.. the leather was nice and soft!

    Maybe if you go to an outlet you can try both of the staps on? I went a outlet a couple of months ago and they had both styles.