Do you have any problems with the people you work with?

  1. Rather than me typing up a huge entry like I really want to about my continuously horrible days at the job I desperately need to leave (when I get one in my field now that I'm finally done with college!:smile: ) I'll just ask this:

    Anyone have problems with the people you work with? Unfair treatment... miserable people that take their misery out on you... rude customers maybe... things like that, except CONTINUOUSLY? Like meaning you are also looking to get out of there as soon as humanely possible?

    Do you lose sleep over your job and just how horrible the people are? (I do...)

    Just wanting to know I'm not alone...
  2. there are a few people like that at my job...they're always complaining, trying to pick fights with people. i try to just stay away from them and not let them bother me. i think there are people like that in every job. i love my job though, and most of the people i work with are nice. it's only that certain few...
  3. i have terrible people at my job, both coworkers and customers. that being said, i STILL love what i do, because i get to help people and despite the terrible coworkers occasionally, most of the people i work with are absolutely wonderful. there will be people in any environment with which you will NOT get along, so sometimes you have to refocus your attention away from them.
  4. It's so hard... I work with only 10 people. We have 2 new people who are really nice though. I try to stick around them and talk to them. These people are just so cruel... constant complaining and belittling me, although I know I can't believe what they say, not for a minute. But it hurts because I never knew people could be this mean, especially mothers, someone not too much older than my mother, people who should know better.

    Like this woman I work with today, she had this grey top on and I was like "You look cute!" And she said it's very me because I wear a lot of dark colors to work because they're just easy to match and not have to spend too much on work clothes... and I'm like yeah I can never find cute colors lately. "Where do -YOU- shop?" Like excuse me Ms. Rotting Mini Van Lady. I couldn't believe a compliment led to that remark.

    Or this other woman brought in chocolate for everyone to have and of course none of the women would touch it but me and I took a piece and she said out loud just facing forward "Candy at 9 in the morning, kind of leaning towards pathetic." I'm like =0 Totally aiming towards me, it was just... weird how she said it. She said it in some weird way, that wasn't exact.
    These people are bank tellers... they hate what they do but I like it! It's not even my career at all but I like it, I just hate them! They're so miserable... all been there forever. "Can we go home yet??"


    Sorry, I had to vent. I couldn't help myself... it's 10:30 PM, I got out at around 4:30 and I can't get them out of my head.
  5. Exactly^^^^ Miserable people almost at every job, just ignore it.

    (Try bringing them some candy and roses, this may help):shrugs:
  6. Yup! I'm totally surrounded by them. Unfortunately it's harder for me to just ignore or stay away because I'm in a leadership role. The worse part is my own manager does the same thing (*****ing about the people on our team rather than dealing with them) so I feel pretty trapped. The environment is SO negative that I lose sleep (and have to take sleeping pills sometimes) and I absolutely dread coming to work. I'm working on getting out cause there's no way of changing the environment.
  7. I used to work in a grocery store bakery and I always worked with this just TERRIBLE perverted guy. Like I was nice to him because I have a lenient sense of humor and all...but it was so gross.

    Every single time he saw an Asian girl walk into the store, he would go ON and ON about how much he wanted to....use your imagination.

    But he got fired for harassment and stealing. Wonder who reported him... :p
  8. When I was a cashier at Target a girl hated me for no reason. I easily make friends with guys moreso than girls and when I trained a new guy we became pretty friendly. I guess one of the other cashier girls liked him and even though everyone knew I had a boyfriend she thought I was stealing this guy from her. She had never talked to him more then a few words and he didn't even know she liked him.

    She would call me names in Spanish and tell lies about me to the other girls. The only reason I found out about the names was because a customer heard her and got very mad. One of her friends told me about her problem with me so I told the guy she liked him. They began dating and 2 months later I found out she was pregnant, I feel sorry for that baby. I left the job around that time because I didn't need it and I hate working retail.
  9. Too many to list...
  10. I worked at bistro/bar as a waitress for over year during uni. I had problems with both customers and the staff. I even ended up bawling my eyes out one time because this guy made such a huge fuss about his food (which was out of my hands because i didnt cook the food he received) and started swearing and whatnot. Management ended up making him leave and told him not to come back.

    It was only recently i found out that the chefs working in the kitchen (who i work around mainly) thought very little of me because i didnt seem to join in on their "jokes." In fact, when i approached one of them because i felt that another chef was picking on and ordering me around for no apparent reason, instead of being nice about it he started saying that i came across as quite a "cold" person. What a jerk. The "jokes" they make aren't even funny and can sometimes be quite sexist even. I totally felt very unappreciated and had no idea that they felt that way after being there for such a long time. In the end I just said I really don't care what they thought of me or whether we are even friends, I just want us to respect one another.

    I get along with the bar staff there really well so I basically chat and hang around them when i get the chance. But anyhow, i don't even work there anymore. I quit a few weeks ago and starting a new job in Jan! yay!
  11. Nothing that can't be handled for now, honestly. I was unemployed for 3 months (most all of this past summer) so frankly I'm GLAD to be back at work and fortunate to find a senior position in my field and a job I love.

    Co-workers? Of course we're going to have conflicts. Not to mention the senior execs I have to interface with every day who continually throw colliding priorities my way and I have to negotiate ways to get projects done. I work at a company that is relatively young and still has a lot of the entrepreneurial startup vibe that made it successful. Now that it's maturing it needs structure and leadership which really can only come from the outside from those who have made it work elsewhere.

    So...I'm an "alien", LOL, in a few respects and still trying to make inroads and develop rapport and relationships across the lines of business. But I'm havingn a BLAST!!
  12. I used to have a job where a miserable beotch tried to get me and another temp fired. She actually went to the CEO of a large corporation to tell him that we were playing solitaire on the computer. Now, how F'g miserable and hateful do you have to be to not only rat out a coworker who is playing solitaire for five minutes but waste the time of the CEO to do it!
  13. Boy, do I ever!!!!

    I work at a company that is only 8 years old, and we have about 80 employees. But my department is tiny, only 5 employees. We are all women, and the other women are catty, especially our department manager. She decides who she likes and is nice only to those people. She is really cold to me and piles work on me way more than anyone else (I'm certain that she hates me for personal reasons, as we used to be friends. In fact, I started a thread about her on here once). She is friends with another gal in our department, and this gal has to do about half of the work I have to. She also arrives late and leaves early every day, and because she's friends with our department manager, she gets away with it. I, alone, am responsible for half the department's productivity, but it's never good enough. Being in such a small department, it gets cramped, and with catty people, the tension is so thick you can cut it with a knife. I don't hang out with anyone outside of work, and I often have lunch alone. I do end up thinking about work even when I'm not at work, but taking that lunch break and not hanging out with coworkers and not doing anything that has to do with work in the middle of the day helps clear my mind a little.

    I've been at this job for only 5 1/2 months, and I decided to give it a year, so that makes it another 6 1/2 months. I'll continue to work really hard, and if I'm not given a good raise by the end of the year, I'll definitely look for another job. In the meantime, I'm going to take advantage of the free training I get at my current job so that I'll be more marketable when I have to look for a new one =)
  14. yes but I have learnt how to handle the b$t£h Troll, and the sad fact is I work in a hostile environment and everyone has work together or we all might (literally) die, when you can't trust someone, even the smallest thing is difficult to achieve
  15. What do you do!!!!??????????? I'm guessing its not stacking shelves in Tesco!!!