Do You Have A Uniform?

Jun 27, 2006
i mostly wear dresses with my kellys. and i tend to wear my birkins with jeans & a jacket/coat. oh and i sometimes will add a lil bit of bling usually in the form of a rhinestone brooche to whatever i'm wearing!
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Jul 31, 2007
Noooooo uniform. I dress according to my mood and how I am feeling. And I like to change things up. One day classic, next day 80's, next day preppy, another day eclectic. It never ends.


May 17, 2006
no real uniform in terms of garments but i only wear shades of white and black( with the only eccption beeing sometimes gray ) but i tend to use birkins more with pants and kellys with dresses/skirts
other stapels are heels + statement jewellery pieces
the only MUST for me is that the hardware of everything has to match and if possible the color of the bag has to be found in my jewellery) if i am lazy or in a bad mood i just go with white diamond or pure gold ,white gold/platinum pieces and a black/white bag with matching hardware


May 29, 2006
In winter my uniform is :
- dark blue jean
- cashmere sweater (I have in all colors)
and matching H scarf / cashmere coat / Repetto ballerinas.

In the end, a lot things depends on my sweater color ;)


Aug 30, 2007
Upper South, USA
I developed a "winter uniform" many years ago. I typically have on a pair of khaki pants and a cashmere turtle-neck sweater. I have them in a dozen colors, but usually choose a neutral color until it's coat-season when I like a see a bit of color at my neck from under my coat. I wear Belgian shoes (have them in tons of colors) unless the weather is bad when I wear my Stuart Weitzman faux Belgians. I always wear jewelry - a nice heavy gold chain necklace, big gold bracelet, a ring (have lots from which to choose), and earrings. Sometimes, I'll wear a pair of grey flannel pants and I'll choose dressier earrings (I adore shell earrings and have 3 pair) and an Hermes scarf - for going out to lunch or shopping in stores were I need to look more pulled together. Since 1985, I've carried a Vuitton monogram bag.

Summer is linen blouses and pants, Lily Pulitzer-type prints, needlepoint shoes or Belgians, my jewelry and a Nantucket basket I inherited from my mother-in-law (yes, it's the real deal).

I'm heavy so I have to make an extra effort to look tailored and classic and pulled together. When one is young, slender and beautiful, anything goes!

La Vanguardia

Dec 21, 2005
I love dresses and skirts. I also wear sometimes monochrome colors to make me look a bit taller since I'm so small lol! I also love clothes with frills (sequins, lace, fur).


Oct 12, 2007
I really only wear black/white/beige/gray clothing. Oh, and jeans. :smile:

I add color with my shoes and handbags, with my current favorite being anything orange. I have a darling pair of Tory Burch Revas in Equestrian Orange that I am loving.

A typical cold day for me would be a DKNY Cozy with either black pants or jeans and either one of my pairs of Tory Burch's or my lug-sole Gucci loafers.

Summer is a pair of capris in either black, white, or khaki with a crisp 3/4 sleeve blouse.


Aug 7, 2006
Los Angeles
I carry my Birkins with anything, dressy or casual. The only time I don't is when I'm going to some evening function and I want some little bag--I've got a little black Chanel bag for those occasions. But the Birkin goes pretty much everywhere else, regardless of what I wear, including jeans and t-shirts.


Nov 22, 2007
Huge shades, magnificant jewelry, great jeans, fabulous handbag and a men's stainless steel Daytona. Is there anything else??? LOL. OOPs...I almost forgot the "to die for" boots!!!


Apr 28, 2006
I love this thread so much I think I'm going to print it out.
During the fall/winter months I wear black or grey Jil Sander, Chanel or Akris tailored slacks with a black t or t-neck and a black Brooks Brothers classic cashmere sweater. I carry my black box Bolide w/gold hw or black ostrich Kelly w/gold hw. reminded me about the gorgeous Belgium shoes that I need to order in blackwatch plaid flannel. Usually I wear black Hermes tennis/walking shoes, black flats or black boots in the winter.
In the spring/summer I still dress in Jil Sander or Chanel black slacks and a black t w/a black cardigan sweater. Sometimes if it's really warm out I wear long shorts, t and white keds with my toile/berenia Trim w/palladium hw.
I do own some beautiful Hermes silk scarves and need to wear them.
Oh...I forgot to add that I still love my Hermes quilted black barn jacket that I bought eight years ago at the Chicago boutique!


Jun 20, 2006
Sunny CA
In the summer, I'm mostly in jeans, joes and 7's are my fav, white button down shirts, and heels. In the winter, I love cashmere sweaters, boots and fitted jackets/coats. I also like to accessorize my bags with pocket squares.


Jun 7, 2006
Behind the wheel....
Yes, I have the same issues with the "H in Action" moves so fast if you don't stay on top of it it's next to impossible to catch everyone/thing, and then I feel bad if I leave someone out or just pop in to post my own pic.

As for my "uniform", at work I tend to stick with simple clean-lined pieces in black, creme, brown, grey, khaki, with the occasional foray into a patterned dress or jacket. Birkins by day, Kelly by night (sometimes Birkin by night, if not super dressy).

For casual, it's almost always jeans + some comfy sweater and boots. if I have time to switch bags, it's a BV veneta or YSL muse...but sometimes I'm "stuck" ;) carrying a birkin to the shop...I've been known to throw a wrench/tool in there to go work on a car or something :wtf:


Jun 9, 2006
I'm just reading the responses and then I looked down at what I'm wearing today...
Guess what! Black jeans, black boots, black cashmere sweater and a Hermes scarf. is definitely my uniform.