Do You Have A Uniform?

  1. I love, love, love perusing the "action" thread. (I have given up posting my comments because I get so far behind I'm afraid of leaving anyone out. Anyone else in that situation?)

    Do you find you have a de facto uniform?

    Or do you have a uniform for each type of bag (ie, a Kelly uniform, Birkin uniform, Lindy or bolide uniform, etc)?

    I find myself wearing jeans or occasionally black pants with my Birkins, and anything with my Lindy since it's become my everyday bag.
  2. For work: all black.
    For weekends: jeans or chinos and T-shirt/J.Crew sweater
    I wear Birkins with pants and Kellys with skirts. Bolides with any and everything.
  3. I was just clicking through the action thread and was dying to leave comments but since I was so behind, I didn't leave any for the same reason. I don't want to inadvertently leave someone out!
    I really get inspired by the action thread and the scarf thread. I tried to do the paperclip version so that I wouldn't miss any pix but couldn't figure out how to do it!
    As for my uniform, in the winter I can be found in
    Jeans (blue or black) and a cashmere sweater (v, scoop, turtleneck ...most likely black), black boots;
    Jeans and a tshirt or button down with a leather jacket or blazer and boots
    Yup, that is me 90% of the time.
    The other 10% of the time, I have black pants swapped in for the jeans above.
  4. My uniform is generally black, khaki or grey pants, with either a black or white button down shirt (in the summer) or a black or pale blue cashmere sweater (winter). Borrrring! LOL On a daily basis I either carry an Evelyne or a Birkin. If I'm dressing up, though, I will occasionally carry a Kelly, though more often a vintage bag (either H or not), and debuting next week--my Maharani clutch!
  5. ^^oh cynthia congrats on the maharni clutch! Is it posted somewhere? I'd love to see it. Also, I just visited your house (on your journal). What a labor of love! Looks beautiful!
  6. Thanks! Yep, I posted the Maharani several pages into a "my new H goodies" thread a while back.
  7. ^^I can't keep up! going to peek...
  8. Wow-we're all pretty similar! Jeans, Cashmere sweater, boots or clogs, enamel bangles and H bag!
  9. pretty much the same here - either black or blue jeans, tshirt or sweater, ballet flats with my blue jean birkin.
  10. CynthiaNYC I just saw your house WOW ! A labor of love is right! I can't wait to see your Maharani in action!
    As far as a uniform I'm the same though swap out the jeans for Khakis or semi dress pants. Not really a jean person:shame:
  11. My winter uniform for work is typically....

    Cashmere sweater set (or just a v-neck or turtleneck) OR cashmere sweater with a jacket
    H scarf (usually Kermit Oliver to get that TPC look)
    Pearl earrings or my monogram earrings or diamond studs or my H enamel earrings... (LOVE earrings, can you tell!)
    My Tod's bag (no Birkin yet...).

    If I am feeling particularly 'cowgirlish,' I will wear a longer skirt, cashmere sweater, Lucchese boots, and a Kermit Oliver scarf.

    Weekends I just swap the above skirt for jeans.

    A uniform works for me... :tup:
  12. Nice! Sounds very ladylike. :heart: I should really pay more attention to my jewelry.
  13. When I'm feeling down, I want to be invisible. But I love my H bags so much that I still carry them.

    Blah days: black pants, dark-colored light sweater/cardigan or sweater dress (the avg temp here is 20 celsius), trench coat if chilly

    Bling days: black pants, bright-colored light sweater/cardigan, trench coat if chilly, maybe with some jewelry
  14. I make my Hermes conform to me rather than me to the pieces. Luckily, I've found that what I have goes with the jeans I like to wear, and the denim skirts and dresses.

    All this holiday weekend I've been with family and worn my Thalassa Clemence Kelly with my white t's and jeans and sneakers. If I have a uniform this would be it. I could also substitute just about any of my bags....Bolide, Birkin or HAC for the Kelly.
  15. nope. i don't have any uniform. i used to wear a lot of jackets like nanette lepore or tory burch, etc with pants or jeans but i haven't in a while. i'm a pretty varied dresser.