Do you guy like ELuxury..

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Where do you like to shop ?



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  1. It seems like so many of you like to shop on eluxury, I like to look at the stuff on eluxury then go to the store and get it.
    I personaly like to shop with people not matchine.
    How many of you guy like to shop in store.
  2. i'm the same way :biggrin:.....i know i save on tax with eluxury but i just love buying stuff in person so i check out eluxury constantly just to see what's new, check out prices and stuff.....then i head down to my local LV to see the bags in person :lol:
  3. NO !!!!

    Jerks don't ship to Canada, sucks ! :biggrin:
  4. Eluxury is definitely the more cost-effective way for me to shop: no tax and free shipping codes! But there's nothing like the thrill of walking into the LV boutique, choosing the bag of your dreams, trying it on in front of the mirror while everyone else drools --envious of your beauty-- feeling the pain of more credit card debt, but it all goes away when you leave the store-- walking on air-- with the infamous brown shopping bag proudly on your arm.
  5. I don't mind shopping at elux. Even though I've had problems with their merchandise, their CS has been nothing but superb in trying the recify the situation. I really appreciate that. Besides, while my local LV boutique has some awesome SA's, there's an assis manager ther that I can't stand. She always has a snooty scowl on her face when I see her. That's enough to drive me to order through elux.
  6. I like browsing at the store but shopping on eLux if possible. It saves me tax and when I finally do decide to get a bag, it's usually not in the store and I want to complete the transaction so I go on eLux. I don't drive either so it's more convenient for me online.
  7. I like the boutiques- I'll pay the tax to get the shopping bag!
  8. Ha ! Well, that's true, they are very nice shopping bags. :P
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  9. Definitely at the boutique since I loveee to try stuff on before I buy. However, the LV section of elux does not ship to HI so with LV I dont really have a choice :lol:
  10. Well, it'd be silly anyways since HI prices are a tad bit cheaper right ? (you lucky, lucky girl.. sunny weather, cheaper LVs !!!)
  11. hehe a tad! But sometimes the boutique sells out and then I see it on elux :lol:
  12. I Love The Big E!
  13. In an ideal world, I would be able to just stroll into Louis Vuitton and buy everythhing that I want. Oh well, it's nice to dream! I am certainly not a huge fan of online shopping but I do shop through Eluxury when purchasing Louis Vuitton. You save on tax (unless you live in California or Tennessee I think) and they have great customer service. I hate the idea of making a big purchase, sight unseen, so I always go to an LV boutique first to examine the item. After looking very closely, I return to the privacy of my home where I can think about the item and make up my mind once and for all. There's no pressure to buy with Eluxury and they have a liberal return policy. I believe it's a 60 day refund/return policy. The boutiques in my area seem to only allow exchanges.
  14. I'll admit it, I like the attention so I go to a boutique. I like seeing the looks on peoples faces when I walk around with a big brown LV bag. I'm bad, I know...
  15. I do this too. I see a bag online but I have to, have to see it in person before I buy. Dimensions are hard to know for sure unless you see the bag in person and try it on and returns to me are a hassle.