Do you get a Chanel box when you do charge send from NM or Saks?

  1. I just received my new bag I bought over the phone from NM Boston and it came packed in it's own dust bag and that was it. No fancy tissue, not Chanel box. When I ordered from the Chanel boutique it always come so immaculately wrapped so I'm surprise NM doesn't do the same. :hrmm:
  2. The last time I bought a bag from NM, it was directly at the store and it was just a plain white box. No bow, no nice packaging. My last shopping trip to the boutique at the Bellagio I got everything packaged very nicely in tissue, Chanel box, bow, etc., even though I was in a hurry and my super fabulous SA was rushing to accommodate me. :smile:
  3. I've had a number of things shipped to me from Saks and they all came with the Chanel tissue, dustbag and box.
  4. you should get the box from Saks or NM. The boutiques do the pretty packaging.
  5. Any time I have ordered bags from NM out of state and had them shipped, they came in Chanel boxes with tissue paper and dust ribbons though.

    :sad:Sorry to hear yours did not come with the frills, that is part of the whole experience.
  6. Bummer. =( I think they sent me the display so I don't know if they still have the box for it. I will be going back to the store this weekend. If I ask them for it do you think they'll give me one?
  7. ^^ Yes, I'm sure they will give you one.
  8. I have learned when I order over the phone, to specify what I want. I ask for the box, for the price tag, and to make sure the auth card matches the numbers inside the bag, sounds crazy, but I have been shipped bags that came with none of the above:confused1:. I always return them. I am very specific when I order, and I tell the SA if it does not come with what I am asking for, then I will return it. Now that I am very specific, they send everything the right way.
  9. ^^^ I wholly agree w/DD101. Ask for what you want/expect to be included as I've ordered quite a few bags over the phone and it can go either way. Sometimes even when I specifically ask for the box from the SA, the person who did the actual shipping does not include it. Especially if its a new bag and u can still get the original box that matches the bag (the sticker thing w/ photo), this is a rarity for older season bags.

    And the only time I get the ribbon/flower the works is from the free standing boutiques, but i'm sure u can request that from the dept stores as well.
  10. Yes, I agree you should ask for the box...might not get the box with the label on the end that corresponds to your bag. I have a few where the Chanel box has no label on the box at all...But you should get a box. Congrats on your bag!:smile:
  11. Every time I've ordered from NM and Saks, I've always gotten the box and dust bag. The only time I remembered not getting anything was from Bergdorf. All I got was the purse! That really irked me so I called and asked them to send me a dust bag. That's the least they can send for the price!
  12. I always get the box, dustbag, ribbon, etc. I'm extremely particular!
  13. Saks and NM have so far shipped all of my Chanel bags with Chanel boxes. As others have said, the Chanel boutiques usually are the ones who tie a ribbon around the box and make it all pretty.

  14. You should get a box..
    but from NM, my box didn't match the bag's serial number..
  15. My NM SA said the warehouse sometimes throws the bigger boxes away.