Do you ever feel guilty for the amount you spend?

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  1. And if you do, how do you get over it? :P

    I know that there are much more expensive bags out there, but Coach isn't exactly inexpensive. I love them, but the guilt is starting to get to me. The last 2 bags I've purchased still have tags on them and I can't commit to keeping them. I think a lot of the reason for that is the guilt about cost.

    I typially outlet and ebay shop. I know I could spend a lot more than I do, but the guilt is getting to me anyway. I don't *need* any of these bags, but they are so pretty.

    I think the guilt is stopping me from enjoying my new purchases. :sad: So, what do you do if you feel the guilt?
  2. i used to be like that! with things in general. 98 dollars for a tank top? O.O let me think about it.. then as time pass its like 98? not bad! *picks it up and goes pay at the cashwrap*

    if you truly love something, to me, price doesn't matter. you love it enough you'll use it often, then its money well spent. better to buy something you really enjoy, then settling for something that is 'okay' because it was on sale or in your price range. if its really expensive and you can't afford it yet, do without and save, or just *sigh* over it like i do and go on to other things you love and hopefully can purchase.

    to me quality > quantity. its a drag having to do spring cleaning anyways, before when i'd buy just cos i like it and its cheap/sale/great find i usually end up giving it away a few months later when i clean out my room closet.
  3. Hi,
    I always feel guilty and think I should return at least one of the bags that I bought!!! I don't. I buy more which is even worse!! LOL
    We are all addicted to Coach!!!!

    Lynne :biggrin:
  4. You are not alone!!!!Although, I don't feel guilt because I limit my bags...I feel that if I have a bag that I Love and can use everyday, then, why buy more..My collection of bags is small and since buying my larger Zoe, at the outlet for $160.00, I have had no desire to even get another bag...Now accessorie's are another story..I have purchased 2 poppy wristlets in the past week..If you can afford to buy them, then why feel guilty?Especially if you are going to use them.Good luck:smile:
  5. Yes.

    And, I'm a cheapskate when it comes to Coach.
    I only buy at the outlet, when it's 50% off the reduced price and typically only when there's a 20% coupon too!

    My collection is miniscule compared to others' here.
    I have 12 bags, including a few swingpacks.
    I paid full price for 1 bag.
    The rest I've paid about $100, tops.
    Still, I feel guilty.
    A gal doesn't need 12 Coach bags...some women would be thrilled with one!

    I always wonder to myself why I feel "entitled" to new/more bags.

    I justify it by not spending a ton on clothes.
    I'm petite and fluffy, so clothes shopping ain't too fun!
    But Coach shopping is, lol!
  6. hmmm honestly I did when I charged them but now that im card free if its paid for no I don't :O)... I just can't get as many as I would like too :O)
  7. Every day of my life!!

    I cannot tell you how many times I have opened my bag armoire and been absolutely riddled with guilt like it was shrapnel.

    Especially since finding tPF. Oh sweet Jesus. I've bought more, returned more, sold's like a revolving door. And then I discovered Legacy, and that's not a cheap love to have. I was never, ever like this before...I had a healthy collection of about 13 bags, all purchased FP...I'd used them for 3 months I have no less than 3 sitting in my closet with tags still on them just waiting there turn--IT WAS NEVER LIKE THAT BEFORE!!! I look at purses compulsively it's (ehhhmmm) you-know-what. And I tell myself, you will buy nothing today...yet there I am, without fail plunking down my CC for another goody. And yes, there is massive guilt attached to that.
  8. I don't, but I think a lot of that has to do with the fact I don't use CC anymore either.

    I can return it if I decide I don't like it, and I occasionally sell bags that I fall out of love with to keep my "collection" to a manageable size.
  9. I do, which is why once my collection is done, I'm done for a few years. I'm just a mini skinny away! I might still buy a bag here or there, but not once a month like I've been doing. I really need to stop! I just think of the world problems, and I ask myself.... could that $400 help out a needy family? Or do better works helping abused animals? And I always feel bad. so for now, I'm done.
  10. in a word.... YES!
  11. I don't personally feel guilty, but I try to purchase items at about 40% of retail cost. I also live and die by my budget, so if there isn't any extra I don't spend on non-necessities.

    OP, if I felt guilty about purchasing a bag that still has its tags on, I would take it as a sing that the bag should probably go back. That's just me though, of course YMMV :smile:
  12. I'm not sure if it's guilt, but I really think over each purchase and try to buy with the thought that I'm not going to return it. I'm probably one of the older gals here though (in my 40's), and when I was younger I was definetely more of an impulse buyer and always bought with the thought that I COULD return it later - whatever "it" happened to be at the time. But many times I didn't return and "it" ended up taking up space on my credit card bill and in my home.

    Now I am credit card free and never put purchases of any kind on credit. If I buy from ebay, I pay it off as soon as the item arrives.

    So I don't feel guilt so much as I know I've carefully considered each purse, and I've never returned one. Well I did one return - I bought my Hippie at the boutique and ONE WEEK LATER it went to the outlet for 60% less than I paid. So I did return that one only because it was only one week and the tags were still on and picked her up for 60% less.

    But I don't have a lot of purses, and nor do I care to. I've been into Coach since July, and I have a few and I use and love each and every one. I don't ever want to get to the point when I have unused purses just collecting dust. To me purses are for using and enjoying, they aren't museum pieces. :P
  13. YES, YES, YES!!! I know that I have no need for all the bags that I currently own. Let alone the accessories. I will never use all of this. I have friends that could use the cash and I spend like nothing. I feel guilty knowing I have a new bag or two and my friends are struggling to pay the bills. I had an eye opener this week when a friend in need called upon me. Priorities??? Hmpf....I seriously need to rework that!
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    I always get rid of a bag if I want a new one but that is like a revolving door. Eventually I want to stop buying bags & use up what I've got then get my mind off of bags and on to other things in life that are more important. Having my mind thinking about bags all the time makes me feel more guilty than what I spent on them. Smart people don't think about bags and shopping all the time, they think of important things. I got good deals on my Coach bags and it's easy to sell one when I want to for a profit even so the buying part isn't what makes me guilty it's the thinking about them all day that does. Allowing my mind to be absorbing all the nonsense is a waste. Who cares if I can identify a real Coach bag? No one but me cares if my bag goes with my outfit or not. Still, I hang on to this hobby because it has brought me excitement and joy. I don't know how much longer I should be doing this, though.
  15. i feel the EXACT same way ooops...
    i think about shopping and bags WAY too much...
    i think i'm done though :smile: