Do you ever feel ashamed of your designer bags?

  1. Do you ever feel ashamed of your designer bags?
    I have a few, the most expensive being the Prada Antik Cervo Satchel I got as a gift from my BF for Christmas.
    I've hardly ever worn it as i'm just a bit embarrassed of how much it cost.
    What that amount of money would mean to a hell of a lot of people.
    A co-worker of mine is very vocal about the ridiculous amounts of money people spend on shoes and bags so i'm always wary of taking my bags to work, so they mostly sit in a cupboard.
    I know I shouldn't worry about what she thinks but I also don't want her to think i'm a flash cow, flaunting my designer bags when maybe she's struggling to make ends meet.

    So should I start carrying my Prada to work and hope that she doesn't notice? I don't think she would say anything.
  2. I think you have two very different concerns going on, and it will be easier for you to work through it if you separate them out!

    The first, what such an amount of money would mean to so many people, is VERY different from anything relating to the opinion of your co-worker, unless she is poor, but what I am getting from your post is not that you are thinking of what that amount of money might mean to the co-worker because she is poor, but because of opinions she has expressed on the subject of people spending a lot of money on bags!

    So you have one issue that has to do with your values, your conscience, maybe a growing awareness of the world you live in, including the widening gap between have and have not.

    In my opinion, this is not a bad thing to contemplate. :smile:

    And you also have a second issue that doesn't appear to be related to anything like that at all, but is making you think about conflict in the workplace, and specifically how others behave there, and balancing the avoidance of becoming a player in any potential workplace drama, but at the same time setting limits on how and to what extent what accessories you carry to work will and should be affected by that!

    That issue is going to require you to do some contemplating too, as well as a little bit of armchair analysis of your co-worker, within the context of the culture of your particular workplace.

    For instance, you might come to the conclusion that seeing you with the Prada bag could definitely set her off, and assume that is the case - what effect would her tirade have on her own position?

    And then you plummet down into another dilemma that only you can decide!

    Isn't growing up fun? :p
  3. I am never "ashamed" of what I have- I have worked hard to earn every expensive thing I own. No one should EVER be made to feel like they're being financially irresponsible because they can afford nice things and therefore, HAVE THEM. Likewise, I never look down on someone who doesn't have what I have !!
  4. Never. Not like I stole the damn thing. I pay for it with my own money and I do with the money I earn what I will. You never know what will happen in life or how long of it you will live. I definitely try to live in the moment.
  5. Hell no.
  6. God, the dilemmas, thanks ShimmaPuff :confused1:
    Sorry for the blasphemy, why do I feel so ashamed and so guilty, maybe it's my Catholic upbringing...
    I guess this is a particular problem I have. I don't have the greatest self-esteem and maybe the guilt and shame stems from that, thinking i'm not good enough. Why should I have when others can't?
    I think my co-worker does ok, though it does seem to be one of the few topics that get her agitated so i'm not sure. I just know that whenever she says anything about the cost of designer this and that or when she mentions salaries, I just keep quiet but probably nod in agreement, so I might look like a bit of a hypocrite or maybe she'll feel bad that she slagged off "idiots" who buy £1000 bags.
    Maybe she'll get suspicious that i'm being paid too much! Maybe my boss will??
    I'm so spineless, think my bag is safe in the cupboard for now...
  7. Oh, my gosh.....I would never be ashamed of anything that I worked so hard for. Let shallow people think whatever the heck they want.
  8. Or maybe your self-esteem is coming into its own, on a sharp uptrend and what you are thinking is that others ARE good enough, just like you! :smile:
  9. No. I don't see why I would be ashamed?
  10. I am not ashamed of my bags. I think its none of your co-worker's business what you spend your money on. You should use your bags. :yes: I would tell anyone who starts saying something like that to me that its none of their business and its MY money. Everyone spends their money on different things, I have a friend who spends tons of money on electronic gadgets, each one enough to buy 1 or 2 LV bags and I certainly won't tell them how to spend. Of course if the spending interferes with paying bills and causes massive debt then I may say something.
  11. I often find that everyone has something that they spend unnecessary money on. There are people who spend a fortune on the latest technology, cars, etc that I think is a total waste of money. People who buy expensive pets, when the pound is full of unwanted animals, people who live in a big house when it's only two of them, the list goes on and on. This is usually my response when I get grief about spending money on handbags.
  12. Amen!
  13. Yeah, I like that answer, too. Everyone has a vice, in a manner of speaking....

  14. Aw, you're so sweet :heart:

    I guess another part of the problem is that I am terribly judgemental about other people. I would never say anything to anyone but I do find myself thinking badly of people who flash the cash.

    Janinevs - you're absolutely right.
    There is always something that people probably shouldn't spend their money on, even if it's parents who can buy a pack of cigarettes a day but can't afford to buy fruit or vegetables for their kids to eat.

    There I go again being judgemental :shame:
  15. My coworker have stated before that she would not spend over a certain $$ amount on bags or clothes..etc. At the same time she would not think that I shouldn't be spending MY money on things "I" want to have. Everyone likes to spend their money on different things. What she values may not be what you value as well. My boyfriend spends a bajillion dollars on camera equipment which I don't think is worth it...but I think bags and clothes are worth my hard earned money.