Do You Ever Catch a Glimpse...

  1. of one of your beautiful Hermes pieces and just smile?

    Lots of "truth or dare" around at the moment about the things that people seem to dislike about H :shrugs:

    Let's talk about the little things you love.

    Just yesterday the sun came through my window while I was working and glinted off the hardware of one of my bags.

    I kid you not, I stopped what I was doing and sighed out loud :girlsigh:
  2. Everytime I see box, be it on me or someone else, it brings a smile to my face.
  3. :flowers: HG
  4. I still smile everytime I see my kelly! She is just so pretty.

    I'm so glad I have the oppourtunity to really enjoy her as I am not able to go on crazy purchasing sprees with Hermes bags.

    I smile everytime I see my beautiful scarves too!

    The ladybird keychain is so cute, I smile everytime I use my keys!
  5. I feel happy when I see any of my treasures.... sigh.
  6. Driving my car with my Birkin in the passenger seat and my doggie in the back seat:heart: heaven to me..
  7. I keep them all in their dustbags but I hate that because I cant see them so every now and then I take some of them out and leave the closet open so I can see the different colors. Corny, I know. They go streaking!!
  8. sometimes I go in my closet, sit on the floor with my bags around me and just stare at them in awe!
  9. * I was delighted to find and buy the Year of the Hand 2002 cadena, since the hand symbol is one of my favorite designs.

    * I find Vibrato whimiscal & fresh.

    *The Axis Mundi scarves were love at first sight for me.

    *There are few things cozier that wearing a GM shawl on a cool and/or rainy evening.

    *Box leather has a heavenly scent that I can't seem to get enough of.
  10. i adore my violet agenda and her rose shocking clochette. i take her out everyday and just keep her on my desk so i can see her. the color is just gorgeous. also having my karo in my bag makes me happy. i need to take it out soon and try it on again as a clutch. i may, in the near future, even have a clutch life! lol.

    i also love opening my cloest and looking at my scarves every now and again. just thinking about some of them- like my navy and orange turnadot- makes me smile.
  11. When I'm alone I like to take several scarves out and play with the different kinds of knots. I get the room all messy, scarf messy. Like playing dress up.

    I always put my bags in their boxes locked up so when I take them out it's like opening a box with a new bag inside. I do it slowly. It's a ritual. I still get a little rush out of it.

    I own some vintage bags, some really old, some I may never carry, but I like to look at the style changes, feel them, think about what the world was going through at the time they were made.

    I own an older Croc Kelly. Wasn't too expensive but I still take a deep breath when I pull the box down. That bag owns me, I don't own it. KWIM
  12. That is the best! :yes::heart:
  13. i do too!!! brings a smile to my face everytime i look at each birkin and kelly that i have :heart::heart:
  14. Oh, thank you for starting this thread, handybags! I was wanting to start something like this, too, as I was bummed out with reading all the negative posts in the "Confessions" thread. I was thinking, what are we doing on the H forum if we don't even like the brand.

    I love reading all the lovely comments here!

    I find that my H items bring me much joy. OK... I admit it... I am very materialistic. :shame: My Kelly sits in my entry area on a table when I'm home and I love that I can see her every time I walk past. I often go over to her and just touch her and look inside at her rainbow.

    I love when I need to get something out of my Karo or write something in my agenda, or need to use my wallet. I love just handling these luscious H leather items.

    And I have my cashmere shawls each draped over a padded hanger in my closet. I'll often just open the door and stare at them and their amazing designs and colors.

    I have always been very interested in art and the artwork in my home is very precious to me. I think I am viewing H as art and my appreciation for it is in its color and shape and construction and quality. :heart:
  15. yup, all the time :love: my orange boxes make my day!

    ...and of course the goodies inside them too :heart::heart::heart: