Do you collect anything (besides purses)?

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  1. I wish I could say I'm a collector of anything!
  2. I like to get a pendant necklace representative of each country I visit. I have a llama necklace from Peru, a coqui frog necklace from Puerto Rico, etc.
  3. i actually don't, which makes me kinda sad now that i think about

    i do have quite a few vintage T's. those are always fun because you'll never see someone wearing what you're wearing, but i dunno if i'd call it a collection.
  4. I know this is stupid but I collect refrigerator magnets from every place I visit.:shame: :shame: :shame:
  5. HA! That's not stupid!

    I always ask friends to bring me back a pencil from places they visit. You can always find a pencil at a gift shop, hence I have a jar full of randomass pencils from places like New Mexico and Disneyland. Glamorous collection, I know you're jealous. :smile:
  6. Do jeans count? haha jk jk.

    I collect Stitch stuffed animals. It use to be beanie babies but that fad has long faded so now I've moved onto Stitch.
  7. :nuts:SHOES!:nuts:

    and watches.​
  8. Hmmh I'm not sure if you can call it collecting but because I love reading and do it a lot I've a room full of books. I can't gicve them away so I guess it's a kind of collection.

  9. That's not stupid at all. My husband and I collect frig magnets too and we are running out of room on our sub-zero! :biggrin:

    I collect necklaces from countries I visit, and I collect watches too.
  10. Dvd's. Dh and I have at least 300.
  11. I collect money. :P

    Okay, okay! I am a bit behind on my U.S. state quarters collection.
  12. I've been collecting charms since I was little for my charm bracelet. I think I have a lot of charms...just need to find time to bring it somewhere to get them soldered on. Actually, quick question...I have a regular "charm" bracelet for the charms, but lately, I've been thinking about using my Tiffany's bracelet (you know, the one with the heart charm) since I don't really wear it any longer because everyone has one. I think it's a cool way to make it unique....unless it's like "defacing" the bracelet. Not sure what to do...
  13. I used to collect PEZ dispensers. I collect things with cats on them, and Bakelite and Lucite jewelry. Bakelite is much harder to find, and can get expensive, so I don't have very many pieces. There is a great antique show that comes to a town close to here twice a year or so, it's great for that kind of stuff.
  14. Rag dolls ,vintage fashion books,vintage perfume bottles, Hat boxes, and Russian dolls.
  15. :lol: :lol: :lol: I was just about to post the same thing!!!:lol: :lol: :lol:
    I don't, but my husband collects matches from all the places he's ever been to.