Do Sales Associates Know When You Return an Item That They Sold You??

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  1. #1 Feb 24, 2010
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2010
    I feel really bad. My SA spent alot of time hunting down a hard to find pair of shoes for me, that I thought that I wanted. I was so excited to get them, only to find that they did not fit right and I do not like them.
    I am embarrased to return them to her, as she put much effort into finding them, and I was thinking of returning them to a different store.
    Will she know that I returned the shoes? I am assuming that they will take back her commission, but would she actually realize that I returned the shoes? Do SA's get a detailed report on returns? I don't want to upset her, and I am afraid that she would not be willing to help me locate shoes in the future. Especially, if she knows that I returned the shoes, when she put so much effort into locating them.
  2. I'd like to the answer too. I was in the same dilemma when I needed to return a m/l classic.
  3. I've worked at Macy's before and they prepared daily printouts of your sales and returns. It showed the amount if something was returned but not the item or even transaction number. I don't know about Saks. But I would think they would want to keep it as confidential as possible.
  4. Yes, there's an associate number on your receipt that indicates who sold the item.
  5. If you return it to a different store she won't find out, because the item is shown as a "loss" for the store you return it to. But since they work on commission, I'm unsure. When I worked in retail we had sales quotas but didn't earn commission so we never found out if our sales were returned to another location. Actually, the only way I'd find out someone returned an item I sold was if I personally returned it or one of my coworkers mentioned I had a return. And even then, I'd have to remember who bought who to remember the customer I dealt with.
    Why don't you just return them directly to her and explain the situation and thank her for her help? That way she feels like you at least appreciated her help.
  6. If you work in a system, like Bloomingdale's or Nordie's, if you return it to another store it still pops up on your commission report, if you are on commission.
  7. Yes, but only if they make commission. They usually get charged back for it. They also get printouts will the transactions but I doubt if it will say your name, just the transaction number and most likely the amount.
  8. I work at a jewelry store and the answer is yes. I also worked at Saks a few years back and the answer (back then anyways) was yes.

    People Do return things, and it is OK as long as you are not "that person" who buys and returns EVERYTHING (had a few of those).
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  9. I think that SA's are aware of returns made, but they are not told who actually made the return... I'm pretty sure, but don't quote me. ;)
  10. At Nordstroms, if they made commission off it, they will br charged back for the commission they made because you returned it.
    At other stores, like MACYs and whatnot, they'll jutst do a printout of the amounts returned. Usually weekly or monthly.
    You should not think about not wanting to hurt the SA's feelings. She was doing her job, and you should not keep a pair of shoes you do NOT like to spare someone else's feelings.
  11. when I worked retail, we just got figures for the week.. $X in sales, $X in returns, $X in commissions.

    I used to have a rough idea of what I sold that week and could guess what was returned...but unless i saw the actual item back on the floor, I could not be 100% sure
  12. when i worked at dillards, you could check your sales up to the second online.
    it would have the original register the sale was made at, the item number, the store it was returned to (the store number) and the day it was returned.

    the only time i would remember who the person was and what sale it was, was when it was a really unique situation.

    on one occasion, a woman wanted a sandal we didn't sell in red (we only had black and brown). i remember she insisted she needed a 7 (even though her toes curled OVER the edge of the shoe) and i told her she needed a 8.
    well she ended up returning the size 7 and i just KNEW it was her cause the item number was so unique.

    to be honest, returns didn't bother me unless the customer was a huge problem or demanding. if this SA is your regular SA (you always go to her) i'm sure she won't care since you regularly go to her for sales. and if you don't shop with her regularly, just make your next purchase with her to make up for it!
  13. :tup:
  14. Be honest and you will feel better. You will maintain a better relationship with her , she values you as a customer and should understand that this happens to us all sometimes. Good Luck.
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    Whether they know, or not, I wouldn't let that prevent me from returning a faulty, or unsuitable, item. :nogood:

    A good SA will not object to a customer making a return.

    After all, if you get that refund, you will then be able to re-spend that money - whether with the same SA and/or at the same store, or at another store (where another SA will benefit).

    It all feeds back in, in the end! :biggrin:

    Whereas, if you just end up keeping things you don't/can't use, it may make you more reticent about buying things, in future and certainly, if an SA behaved in a less than pleasant way, due to a customer making a return, I imagine that would, generally, put the customer off buying from her, in future?

    It certainly would me, anyway! :yes: