Do people no longer have respect for other people's property?

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  1. I am so upset! :mad: My Trailblazer was keyed today! I was parked normally, not too close to anyone on either side and yet someone decided it was necessary to vandalize my vehicle. It was definitely deliberate--I now have a 14 inch L-shaped gouge on my driver's side. Thankfully, this is my company car, but it's the principle of the situation that just plain sucks!!!

    I do not understand why people have such a lack of respect for other people's property. I would never dream of damaging someone else's vehicle on purpose! Unfortunately, I tend to dwell on stuff and this just ruined my day.:sad2:
  2. Ooooo that would just burn me up!!!:mad:
    Sorry that it had to happen to you---
  3. So sorry that happened to you. I thought that kind of thing only happened in big cities like mine. I guess there are creeps everywhere! What goes around comes around though so whoever did it will get theirs .....;)
  4. You're right. People no longer have respect for others. It's such a shame what happened to your car but like Kat says, what goes around comes around. I've seen it many times over. Cheer up and try not to dwell on it much until it can be repaired.
  5. There are some people that do that for fun. Don't ask me why, I have no idea. It will seriously piss me off. Makes me wish that they get theirs one day.
  6. That's CRAPPY and I'm sorry that it happened to you or that it happens to anyone. :mad:
  7. oh sorry to hear that.
  8. Not only how you park; I company logo ;A bumper sticker; A School name or bumper sticker. I put not on my car but if I like A teem etc I might wear it then they have to deal with me face to face. Car key puncks are not going do the face to face anyway. Sorry this happen to you.
  9. What's really sad is that I have NOTHING on my vehicle. My company does not believe in putting their logo on their vehicles and will not allow us to put anything on them. Apparently this person was just a flat out inconsiderate jerk who needed little to no provocation.
  10. Idiots, like they can't leave well enough alone. They probably thought it was a funny thing to do at the time and not get caught. That just makes me angry.
  11. That's terrible, what posesses people to do crap like that? :suspiciou Complete lack of respect :evil: I'm sorry it ruined your day, I hope you feel better *hugs*
  12. I don't know why people do things like that, I'm sorry it happened to you. I had my drivers side window smashed one time and I was so upset about it, just because I couldn't understand why someone would do something so awful. It wasn't like my car was nice, because it wasn't but it was just the principle of the whole thing.
  13. My car has been scraped two times at the mall. It just kills me because (1) these drivers are complete idiots, I mean, can't even get into a parking spot without hitting something?? and (2) no accountability whatsoever. I hate living in LA.
  14. People are jerks sometimes !!

    Some really big jerk put a CAR SEAT on the trunk on my car and then proceded to drag it off, there are parallel lines all over my trunk now because someone was inconsiderate enough to scratch my car up over putting the seat on the ground. That really burnt me up. Or the one time where someone opened their car door on my car door and fled, so I only saw the dents after. Aughh !!@#!@#
  15. you're tellin me. my car was keyed a few weeks ago. it looks like someone did a picasso on the driver's side of my car. i was soooooooooooo pissed off. i'm not sure who it was but i do have an idea. i can't imagine myself doing that to someone's property. i just hope they remember that Karma's *****.