Do Parisians wear Hermes?

  1. I think the older we become the issue of a heavy big bag for our backs is not so pleasant so therefore thats why bags start becoming smaller.Thats true for myself.

  2. Not true ! This is very FRENCH !!!! Every french woman, from her youngest age, knows her Chanel and her Hermes. This is French culture as Champagne, Victor Hugo, and october strikes . It is in the blood !!

    As a matter of fact provincial women are even more discrete... and they will never show off with a bag that screams its brand, but a Kelly will perfectly do the job ! ( not in fuchsia though.... Black or Rouge H or Gold or Etoupe will work better !)....

    Those ladies go to the next big city and order their bag and wait for it how long as they have to....But they get it. :supacool:

    There are 22 Hermes stores in France ( not included Paris and airports ones) , they must be selling bags after all .....not only ties , belts and agendas ....;)
  3. I'm sorry, I typed it wrong I think, I'm not a native English speaker, so sometimes, I say thing that I don't mean in a certain way haha! You're right it's part of the French culture. But I meant that there are a lot of places in France where people are not very rich... mostly arround city's you find villages with people wearing Hermès, but not in a tiny village against Spain in the Pyranees (don't know if this is the English name ;)) That's what I meant... Sorry for giving a wrong impression!
  4. It's interesting I was checking out a cool french street fashion blog and the people have just as many non-brand bags as brand bags. Which seem like mostly chloe or balenciaga.

  5. The love of discrete things is indeed french, or rather continental I would say, it's also prevalent in other western european countries belgium, suisse, Austria, netherlands.

    Also, it's important to note that, even if the french have an affinity for H, the big number of luxury brand stores in all of france is caused by the country being the premier tourist destination in the world, the country has as many visitors as it has inhabitants per year if not more. Small villages with H like the ones on the azure coast would not be able to survive at all without tourists.
  6. the Victoria is another design from Hermes, quite plain but beautiful in an under-the-radar sort of way
  7. I've stayed in the 7em two times now, and have never seen Hermes - just in the area of Paris with the VERY expensive stores and lots of wealthy tourists. The owner of the flat I rented in the 7em was carrying a gorgeous 35 Birkin, though. She immediately recognized my Kelly and commented on it.
  8. My husband is French, so we go to France a lot and have many French friends/relatives. I had never thought about this until now...but I don't think I've ever seen any of them carry Hermes.
    Maybe some wore scarves, but I am not a scarfie so never paid much attention.
    The only one I've seen wear it, is my husband's goddaughter, wearing a twilly that we gave her!
  9. ^^So then what sort of bags do they carry?
  10. I see a lot of people carrying Herve Chapelier.... but they seem less popular than Longchamp
  11. I actually don't know! All kinds of things I guess. The only one I remember was a Lancel.
  12. They carry Lancel,Abaco, Aridza,Sessun, Gerard Darel, Longchamp and a lot lot lot lot of purses from vintage stores.