Do Bags Come With Tissue Paper Bearing The Word Chanel And The Cc Logo??

  1. I bought all my bags from the CHANEL boutique and the tissue paper was regular unmarked tissue. A friend recently showed me her new bag purchased from an eBay seller with accompanying tissue paper wrapped around the body of the bag which has the words CHANEL and the CC logo embossed all over the paper? Is this a new thing with CHANEL? :s
  2. my bag came wrapped in both. half plain and half with cc's on it. hope that helps. oh!and it was bought at the store.

  3. Mine usually has the chanel logo tissue paper wrapped around the bag in it's dustbag, and the plain tissue is usually stuffed inside the bag.
  4. Thanks for the quick response ladies!
  5. It depends. I have never received chanel logo tissue paper for my NM purchase, but I often receive this logo tissue paper for my purchase from Chanel boutiques.
  6. ^ most of mine come like this
  7. chanel logo tissue paper is only used if they are purchased directly from the boutiques. NM, Saks and Nordies do not have them. the eBay seller must have done so in order to get the tissue paper.
  8. I just checked and its all cc paper
  9. also depends on whther there is stock of the cc tissue, otherwise, plain would be used.
  10. Yeah they have both. But normally its CC logo cover the outside, and ones without CC logo stuff the inside part of the bag.
  11. On the Chanel tissue paper the Chanel and CC's should be in white and barely visible. They should never be black.
  12. Yup. When I've received my bags from the boutiques, they were always stuffed with unmarked tissue paper. They were always wrapped in the box in the Chanel marked tissue paper. :yes: I don't throw any of it away lol.
  13. yeap:yes: mine too,and as Mon said they're barely visible(btw all of my bags were purchased from the C/B,don't know about other stores)
  14. Thanks guys! The bag is as you all describe. Wrapped in the logo paper and stuffed with plain tissue. The logo and words CHANEl are in white print and not very visible unless you look closely. :yes::tup: