Disney Coach spooky eyes duffle

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  1. I have a lot of "special editions" bags and since they are not practical for me they mostly sit in my closet. Keep what you will use!
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  2. Hello can someone help me with this question... does the men’s zip around spooky eyes wallet have some glittery eyes like the duffle 20? [​IMG]
  3. I was able to get the spooky eyes duffle at outlet price need a wallet to match [​IMG]
  4. I found the matching wallet bought it on End clothing website in UK. Duty free. Sent fed ex priority! Last one they had too!!!
    4E7E9712-7E16-4440-BE15-29AD927251D9.jpeg 12B4D9D3-41C2-4130-8D2B-4B0D422D779C.jpeg D1CCEFDA-66F9-4ABB-99A9-30B6FB10C4E3.jpeg
  5. Anyone know what this bag retailed for? Thanks!
  6. I’m thinking it was 395!
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  7. It retailed for $495
  8. The Spooky Eyes Duffle 20 retailed for $395. The tag is still on mine.
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  9. Thanks, all! Yikes, I paid quite a bit more than that on eBay! But I guess that's expected since it's Limited Edition and sold out quickly?
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  10. Well, it didn't sell quickly originally--it made it all of the way to the outlets, but then those remaining ones sold quickly. So people are just trying to get money off of the product by selling high.
  11. They still not sold out
  12. But they aren't selling them for outlet prices anymore.
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  13. Of course they are. I Found the bag and the pouch but I changed my mind
  14. I guess I spoke to the wrong people. Now that I'm over it, I don't want to be tempted again. It's awfully small.
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  15. Thats why I changed my mind. But. I might get the pouch
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