Disney Coach spooky eyes duffle

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  1. I found a spooky eyes duffle at Disney Springs! Yay! I’d looked everywhere! Guess it’ll look odd that a 65 year old woman carries such a quirky bag! Oh well! It should be here next week! IMG_3024.jpg IMG_3024.jpg
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  2. I guess no one here like this!☹️
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  4. I’m always a day late to everything! Lol! I just recently got back into Coach! Been sneaking around Balenciaga, but realized these 1941 Coach bags were awesome!
  5. I love this bag! Congrats and enjoy her :smile: I have a card case and backpack from this collection- love the spooky eyes.
  6. You won’t look any quirkier than this 56 year old carrying this bag with both the poison apple and spooky eyes hang tag on it does. I bought this bag, the accordion card case with the apple and spooky eyes, the Spooky Eyes card case, and the wallet with the poison Apple. I love them and I don’t think I look one bit silly, and from the reactions I get from people I don’t think anyone else does either. We’re never too old to have fun. Enjoy it!
  7. I really like your bag!
  8. If I see a 65 yr old woman carry this bag - my first thought would be - wow - I bet she is fun!
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  9. This.
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  10. I love this bag!! been using it for 2 weeks now...Love the brass hardware and spooky eyes make it fun to see . I’m thinking to put a rexy in bright colour to complement it. Enjoy the bag dear . Here is my duffle in spooky eyes. IMG_0321.jpg
  11. Better late than never. Good on you for getting the spooky eyes duffle. Its amazing - so many people love it on purse forum. I only got mine about a week ago - after I'd bought other stuff from the collection earlier on. But it was just too good to resist any longer (and I had a website code). You can add the collection charms to change it up - and it looks good with nothing extra too. Wear it out with confidence that you are one stylish lady. And privaledged to own it (that's how I feel anyway haha). PS Nice avatar pic! Reminds me of Sunday evenings a long way back.....
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  12. Good old “last of the summer wine”, loved that show
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  13. Supposed to be delivered on Wednesday! Hope it’s for real, waited all day for UPS order from Coach and it never arrived! Still says out for delivery! Ha!
  14. It was just a bag charm, but I was anxious to get it. Been waiting, looks like I’ll wait longer!
  15. It’s here! But. It’s so little!