Disney Coach spooky eyes duffle

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  1. IMG_1535571789.738447.jpg IMG_1535571789.738447.jpg
  2. IMG_1535571853.236128.jpg
  3. That's why I didn't order it. Will it work for you?
  4. Not sure if I’ll keep it!
  5. Oh I probably will! It’s so cute!
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  6. So so cute!:love:
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  8. That’s awesome! You have both of these! Which is your favorite?
  9. I like them both for different reasons. I like 1941 Shoulder Duffle because of the pebbled leather and all suede lining. I like the Spooky Eyes Duffle because it is so cute and whimsical.
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  10. Does anyone have the spooky eyes market tote? Wonder how it is?
  11. I do! I actually have both the tote and the duffle, and find myself using the duffle much more. I actually haven't even used the tote yet, but mostly b/c 1) it doesn't match as much and 2) I'm waiting for fall. I much prefer the smooth leather on the duffle over the pebbled leather on the tote - that being said, the tote will hold a LOT. They're two entirely different styles for different uses - but at the end of the day - I prefer the duffle :smile: Great choice!
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  12. Good to know!
  13. Spooky eyes is going back to Coach! Ordered the chili pepper duffle instead! Spooky eyes is just too tiny!
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  14. IMG_3090.jpg
    This is more like it!