Discuss: Members' Hermes Items

  1. ops.. wrong thread..sorry
  2. holy ****e, Japsteer, that croc kelly is UNBELIEVABLY GORGEOUS!!.....so...where do you live?........LOL!!
  3. orchids, you have a virtual Birkin Rainbow!! Those pics and, more importantly, your bags are amazing!
  4. :tender: Please tell me who the good sellers are on eBay to get an Hermes Croc....I would:heart: another one. I've been waitl isted for the past 1 1/2:sad: I want one NOW!!!HELP!
  5. ^ Any seller listed in the Shopping Sub-forum in our "Reputable seller list thread" is great. Check it out! In particular, Creatures de luxe, Montecarlo Club and MightyKisment have a lot of croc for sale
  6. Wow at the rainbow of Fruit Flavors in Orchids house!
  7. Thanks GT--hmmm....I think I'm going to have get a Violette, Jaune, and Potiron to complete the rainbow eh? OMG...can you imagine the visual? After seeing Sue's Potiron, I am loving that color. Let me go tell DH. Oh wait, that would probably either get me divorced :cursing: or widowed from the sheer shock of my request. :death:
  8. Meena, I love your collection! I am in LOVE with your gold HAC! I had never considered an HAC before, but after seeing yours and shopmom's I'm seriously considering one!
  9. Me too Meena...LOVE your gold HAC too with the palladium HW...how cool!!!!:love:
  10. Aww, thanks orchids!:flowers: Potiron is just fab! Lol, yeah I can just see your collection building up to a virtual rainbow!!! Wrt the DH, you can do what Jill (Prada/Gen discussion mod) does when she eyes a new bag.. get some knee pads.:whistle::roflmfao::graucho::lol:

    Meena, I love your collection. That gold HAC is fabulous on you. My DH was looking when I enlarged the thumbnail pic of you wearing the bag and he asked, "hey what bag is that? Looks different." I told him it's the HAC Birkin and he said it looks really nice and that if he were a girl, it's something he would get.:biggrin:
  11. ^^ LOLOLOLOL!!!! They should sell customized Hermes knee pads for occasions such as this!
  12. ^^Should I pitch this H knee pads idea to my SA next time I visit?:angel::roflmfao:
  13. OMG! Shopmom! I am just dying right now! That TRIM! When did you find the toile trim??? THE Jackie O bag!!!!:heart: DAMN, You are GOOD! :PYour collection is amazing!:drool:
  14. JAG.....that one I had to keep kinda quiet about because I bought it BEFORE I brought the Croc home so I felt kinda bad....but I couldn't pass it up since they're not too easy to run across! HG saw it in NYC and PM'd me and I quick got on the phone and snagged it! Bless her heart! It's really the perfect Spring/Summer grab-n-go bag...just the wallet, keys, checkbook and go! (gotta have the Jackie O bag....just had to have it.....)
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