Discuss Hermesgroupie's Leather Book

  1. This is the place to make comments, ask questions and just talk about how fabulous Hermesgroupie's leather book is! It truly is a masterpiece!
  2. Oh it is BEYOND fab! I have never seen a better example of hermes leather in print... my only concern... should the pictures be watermarked? I would hate to see someone take advantage of HG's work. I love that thread!
  3. WOWZAAA!!! This is incredible! Thank-you Hermesgroupie!!!!!:nuts: :nuts: :nuts: :yahoo:
  4. you could probably work with estate/museum collections authenticating!
  5. GREAT GREAT resource HG--love how you included retired leathers too. Is it Epson or Epsom? I always thought it was with an "m."
  6. I don't have the correct credentialing.
  7. This is so helpful for a Hermes newbie (like myself)! Thank you so much HG!!!
  8. Sheesh! I did not know I had to have lizard cleaned once a year:wtf: ...I guess it'll bring more Hermes then:graucho:
  9. well done - I 've re-read it so many times already!:flowers:
  10. This is awesome. My new bible.
  11. Fantastic job HG!! This is soooo useful...well done!
  12. the info are super helpful.. thanks so much..
  13. I'd also like to thank the following members:
    Pinkish Love: for the matte croc niloticus pictures
    Jag: for editing and finding members with needed swatches
    Dressage Queen: for the snakeskin pic and future cuir de russie pic
    Gigi Leung: for hunting down more swatches
    Star3777: for the Varanus niloticus pics
    Style101: for chevre, fjord, and vache liegee pics
    Shopmom: for additional links
    Grands Fonds: for those lovely pics of the pleated and waffle leathers

    And everyone for their suppport.
  14. You are priceless HG! THank you so much for all of your hard work in putting that thread together. It is so wonderful!
  15. Absolutely wonderful reference. Thank you so much.