Discontinuing black caviar and classic flaps?

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  1. I'm not sure if this was addressed in any other threads, but has anyone else heard that Chanel will discontinue its black caviar line? I heard this from a SA at Bloomies yesterday, and I kind of don't believe it. I think they just said that to me so I would buy something that is not black caviar (they didn't have any black caviar flaps in stock). I mean, I see plenty of black caviar reveals on this forum so I think there MUST still be some black caviar out there! They told me that caviar will be replaced with a different kind of material that is similar to the caviar. Has anyone else heard/seen this?

    A different SA told me that they are going to stop making some of the classic flaps, in black lambskin and caviar. Again, I think they were just telling me this because I wanted to buy only a classic Chanel purse (it would be my first Chanel), and they didn't have any in stock. They were trying to get me to buy something with rhinestones or in colorful patent leather. I mean, they were nice purses but it would be too much money for me personally to spend on a seasonal purse.

    Should I give up on finding my dream black caviar mini flap??
  2. If they stop making those bags they might as well stop making bags all together. These bags are the companies signature...and the bags they are able to charge practically anything for. Lets hope they were lying to you!
  3. I have been told that production of these classic bags is supposed to become more limited and availability more and more difficult however in recent months I think there has been an abundance of classics available. The only way they can continue to drive price and its demand up is by decreasing its availability, but till date I don't think that strategy has been fully implemented. I highly doubt that the caviar will be discontinued, it is possible that they may improve it :smile:
  4. Wouldn't that be refreshing!
  5. I visited the Chanel in Bloomies a few days ago and their inventory was :tdown: When I walked in I was the only customer in there and after about 8 minutes of no one approaching me I had to approach an SA for help. I was also there inquiring about classic flaps in black caviar. They were beyond unhelpful, even when I turned my attention to non-classic bags. I would take anything they say in that store with a grain of salt, they have been OOS in black caviar for some time now so when they find out that's what you are looking for their attention starts to waver.

    I asked them if there was a waiting list for the mini flap and the lady looked at me like she was annoyed that she'd have to take my information. Don't give up hope... Just start looking some place else :flowers: (thats what I did)
  6. I bought my black caviar jumbo at the end of July and it was available in my Chanel store. I just put my name for it. It was also shipment new so I don't know what their actual availability is. I saw a girl trying on a ghw black caviar maxi during fashions night out.
  7. I did not hear anything like that from my SA, but i do believe Chanel try to produce less Classic and have LONG waiting list for it.

  8. since your in NY I assume it was Bloomies NYC? Who was the SA that told you that?
  9. I wonder if this SA was confusing the more limited a ail ability of classic flaps (even moreso for dept stores) with the notion they are being disc altogether?
  10. There are black caviar classic flaps sitting on display at my local boutique. I wonder if they're doing this more for the US...my SA was shocked to hear there are wait lists for black caviar flaps in the US!
  11. Same in MTL. Walked in on Saturday and almost the entire wall behind the cash was classic caviar flaps, with plenty of colors and sizes to choose from. Then again, I don't see a lot of Chanel on the streets of MTL so it could depend on the area
  12. I'm in CGY...I see the ladies here check out seasonal bags more than classics!
  13. I was just in Ottawa over the long weekend and we called the Montreal boutique for my sister that wants to buy a jumbo black caviar (she was subjected to admiring my red12A jumbo all week and finally caved!)...not only was I surprised to find they had multiple in stock, they were willing to hold one for her till the weekend! Seems much easier to buy one in Canada!
  14. I didn't catch their names, but the first SA was a woman and the second was a man. I hope they are wrong!

    I agree with everyone here that they (Chanel) might be limiting how many classics they send out to various locations in order to keep the demand high... As though the price increases didn't keep the purses exclusive enough already!
  15. Awww, nice! I guess I should take a trip up to Canada!! :biggrin: You guys do everything nicer!