Disappointed in LV and their quality of service

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  1. I recently went to LV due to my Favorite MM having a tear at the opening of flap and the Associate told me that the bag looks defective because I’ve had for a little under 2 years and that shouldn’t happen but she would have to send pictures to quality report. Well today I get a call saying that’s normal wear and tear (which I don’t agree with as I don’t abuse my bags and it’s under 2 years) she states there’s nothing they can do but to try and use the bag less to prevent it from worsening further (that’s an unacceptable response to me as this bag is not even old and you’re telling me practically to not use so that it doesn’t get worse). Now my question is if I go to another store will they pretty much give me same response (not sure if they can pull up the report)? Or am I stuck with a bag that in my opinion is defective? (You can see in my picture that my bag looks great besides this tear. Thanks for the help!

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  2. To be honest, I don't think it looks bad. I understand if that statement isn't very comforting, though. :sad:

    Do you live far from other stores? Maybe you can call the old one/another and speak with a manager about your situation? Rejection sucks but it's worth a shot.
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  3. So when does wear and tear become acceptable? Handbags are not immortal and it is funny how we don't seem to expect the same with other expensive products, i.e rtw or shoes? I understand that it is disappointing (like that first scuff on the sole of your Louboutins) but it is still a consumable. Try another store if it will give you piece of mind. Good luck.
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  4. It looks normal to me. I try to avoid flap bags that connect to the body like so such as the favorite. That corner is where you’ll see damage
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  5. Judged by the color of vachatta leather and wear around the d ring , the bag is used often but seriously it's not bad at all where the little tears are, almost 90% of Favorite/ Eva/ PA/PM etc would have a little to a lot that happening, don't worry about it, it will hold up for years of use. The only bag I have seen wouldn't have this type of tear happen is the Alma type of bag because no flapping or bending.

    Sometimes there would be a SA or a manager nice enough to exchange for bag like that but it's really depends on your luck.
  6. Lol at immortal bags
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  7. Yes you’re right I’m just scared it’s going to get a lot worse and at that point not be usable...and the CA advises me to speak to the repair manager (she wasn’t in today) as she believes it shouldn’t be tearing already (less than 2 years) and pretty much stated all flap bags have this issue at some point
  8. I know bags aren’t immortal but all my LV bags that are a lot older have no issues this is the only bag that does and if it was at least 3 years or older I would accept this tear but less than 2 years seems too soon
  9. I think the stitching will help keep it from tearing more. If I were you, I would put some glue on the spot to reinforce it and keep it from tearing more. If I didn't think I could live with it, I would sell it now before it gets worse.
  10. Yes I didn’t think about it when first purchased and all my other LV bags don’t have flaps so I never expected this to happen so soon but I know which bags to avoid moving forward
  11. Yes I hope it doesn’t get worse, I’ve always heard of LV taking good care of their customers and I’ve never exchanged,returned or complained about a bag prior to this bag so I really didn’t think they’d give me a hard time and honestly I don’t want a new one I just wish they could fix this bag. And yes the vachetta is darker because I used all summer when I purchased it and I do live in Cali where it’s always sunny and hot (so vachetta darkens really quick out here)
  12. I think it's really all about what you accept. If they say it's normal wear and tear then instead of getting upset and being upset that they don't agree with what you think should be normal. Look at it as now you know what Louis Vuitton accepts as normal. And you don't agree. And now you know it's time to move on to another brand. To find a designer that is more in line with your price point and normal.

    I learned a valuable lesson years back. I bought a pair of boots in 2000 barely wore them. MAYBE 5 times total. In 2009 I pulled them out to wear to my Grandmas funeral and they literally fell apart as I stood there in the rain. It didn't matter that I had only worn them 5 times. things have a life. Parts, stitching, glue, adhesives break down.
  13. They wouldn't be able to do anything to fix the bag since it's the canvas that is cracked. They don't/cant? fix canvas. So the only option would have been to give you a new one anyway. And since the bag is two years old, I personally would consider this normal wear and tear for this style.

    It does suck when things happen... I recently scratched the inside of my Chanel WOC with my fingernail. Thank the bag for going through life with you. Kinda Konmari weirdness, but it does help me. :smile:

    Whateve made a good point.. to decide if it's time to sell if you can't enjoy the bag, before it gets worse (if it even does, it may just stop there).
  14. I don't think it looks bad at all but if you're afraid of it getting worse, I'd do as some other members suggested - put a bit of glue on it or sell it "as is". I bought a Delightful years ago with undisclosed tears on the sides and ended up selling it with the tears disclosed.
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    I brought my old model Estrela MM 3 years ago to the store with an issue. Even before I showed him the issue he said it barely looked used, which was true (almost no patina, clean interior). When I showed him the issue he said (he was a manager) that these bags are strong but they are not workhorses. So there you have it. Which is it? Does it barely look used or has it been used as a workhorse? What am I supposed to do with a bag that big that cannot be used for work? I don’t wear bags like that on the weekends. I have only used the bag once a year for a couple of days since (mainly because my fiance wants to know why I don’t wear the bag he bought me). And that was also the last time I set foot in that store. I have visited other stores, although I just look around, but I buy online exclusively now. I still like the brand (not as much, but I still do) but have little patience for dismissive SAs.
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