Dior Skull Ring

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    I love the skull rings for fall. Does anyone know how much they retail for? Thanks! :flowers:
  2. they are cute! in a sinister fab kind of way! i have no idea how much they are but i gues ti would be heaps!
  3. AAhhhh....I have been looking everywhere for these photos!!!! I am in love with these rings....so fun!!! I want one right now!!!!
  4. I'm trying to figure out if they cost around $2000 or more like $10,000 ....

  5. I wish I knew because I want one....I am thinking more in the $10,000 range, because it is Dior and there are lots of diamonds. I am thinking of having my jeweler here make something similar. I just love the skull jewelry!!:love:
  6. There aren't too many diamonds on it ... definitely not $10,000 worth! Only small pave diamonds. I hope it's not $10,000!

    Good idea: I have to find a private jeweler!

    Check out Tom Binns. He makes a lot of fabulous skull and rhinestone jewelry.
  7. I agree...not a lot of diamonds...it's the ones in the eyes that have me thinking. They look like at least 1/4 carat, which wouldn't be that expensive, if they weren't Dior!!!!! I have never bought this kind of fine jewelry before though, so I don't know.....
  8. over 10 k for sure. i assume this cause i know their marveileusse incroyable rings sell for 100K and due to the carved turqoise and coral which is hard and takes time to make, but they re truly artisans pieces
  9. I love those Dior rings. Very pirate-skully.

    A friend just bought a skull necklace from Jade Jagger's line at Garrard. I haven't seen it yet but I have seen some of the other pieces in the line. The tiny skull necklace is rather amusing, looks like little beads more than skulls.

    If you enjoy skull jewelry you may also enjoy this site:

    The pieces in person are cute in that goth way, I just wish they used 18k instead of 14k. I think the pricing is really reasonable though. Here are some pics.


  10. Does anyone know where you can look at the Dior jewelry online?

    hmm...I will be in Vegas next month - I assume you can see it at their shop there. :graucho:
  11. Thank you.

    I'm looking for a large knuckle size skull ring though. I may just look for a jeweler who can make me one out of sterling silver. Much cheaper than the Dior version! :lol:

    Chrome Hearts also makes chunky skull jewelry too.

  12. I forgot to mention Chrome Hearts. The Exhibitionist line is a little less biker chic IMO though. I love that Dior ring. Keep us updated on if you get one made.
  13. Hi Sonya...I just preordered a skull ring from Testimo.com by designer Rachel Leigh...used the discount code offered through Grechenscloset.com and got 30% off. I am reserving judgement until I try it on...but it has possibilities and was $128.00 after discount. I don't know how to attach stuff like that or I would....but you may like to check it out!!!
  14. This ring?

    I love it! I used to make jewelry like that, so I might just make my own....

    Thank you so much for referring me to it!

  15. OMG!! To die for....I can just envision Johnny Depp on bended knee proposing to me with this ring!!

    Who agrees?