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  1. not necessarily shill bidding, maybe #12 really wants the bag and unfamiliar with bidding technique? i.e. bid at the last 10secs so it won't get go so high. Anyway that's a beautiful, if i ever had to get a Gaucho, it must be that colour.
  2. ^ i agree with shue, it might be an ebayer who has no idea how bidding works. it's not too bad, i reckon, and i do think it's a beautiful bag, but i'm biased. :p

    good luck!
  3. I actually wanted to bid on that...until it shot up past $700 in the last few seconds. I put off buying the romantic flowers tote for 50% off at Holts because I was hoping to get this for around $600. Oh well...:crybaby:
  4. There there *hugs* there be another one. Can you still buy the one at Holts, hope it's not too late.
  5. Was hoping to get a discount:shame: ...they're over $1100 Canadian at Holts and if I get them through eBay I save quite a bit! But then again at the price that this ended at, I can practically get one at Holts.
  6. OMG!!! I've been lusting after this bag since I saw a woman with it at the airport last year- although I wanted the dark brown, this is the exact style I've wanted!

  7. I updated the title to accurately reflect this thread's job.
    PLEASE DO NOT ask questions about authenticity here, likewise, PLEASE ONLY post eBay auctions {never your own!} that YOU KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT are 100% authentic only.