DIOR on Sale at Saks

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  1. HI,
    Just wanted to let everyone know that Dior is had their sale started on friday and should be going on the week. Some of the stuff are 40% off and i couldn't help myself :smile:
  2. oooh very nice!! :smile:

    what did you get? pics plz :graucho:
  3. Do you remember what bags were on sale?
  4. At my Saks the Rebelle, St. Germain, Dior Vintage and a few others, at one point the Detectives were 40% off, not sure if they still are.
  5. At the mich ave store there were lots of detective bags presaling at 40% off--very cute!
  6. Did you remember how much the St Germain cost?? and what size of the st germain was onsale?? Cuz i think this line got 3 size, L/M/S. I want to get either the L or M. Thanks
  7. They had a lot of different sizes in the St. Germain, just got off the phone with the SA, and now they are 50%......these sales are great (but awful on the $$). She's calling me back tonight with what is left at the 50%. Will update this thread when I get the info.
  8. i was able to purchase the denim gaucho at 50% off..thru my friend in NY. but i also heard that all spring and summer gauchos will be 50% off as well?? can anybody pls help me on this? is it true? coz ive just purchased the yellow medium here in HongKong( while vacationing..)...

  9. I bought a St Germain in a large size already at NM, but I found that the price at the Dior Boutique is abit cheaper. Which is very disappointing. I think am gonna return it. Hopefully they let me. I dont think that the st. Germain was 50%?? or are they now??? Pleast keep me up to date. TIA.
  10. Anybody know if this one is 50% off??

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  11. The Red and blue Gaucho's are on sale!!:yahoo:
  12. OMG.. where did u see it? saks, neimans or dior boutique?
    The red leather and blue leather guacho at how much off??? :nuts::nuts::nuts: TIA
  13. Saks, but they are on sale everywhere ( at least all Saks).
  14. HOw much is the Gaucho?? Is it the medium one... Can you please post a picture of what style you saw and which saks??

    I went to Saks in Michigan and they don't have it... =(
  15. Only Denim Gauchos are on sale. I saw small, medium and large in the Vegas stores (Wynn and Caesars) just this past weekend. They are 40% off the original prices.