Dimensions of Celine Styles

  1. Has anybody successfully put an iPad in the medium Celine classic box bag? Also does anybody have the dimensions of the medium Trapeze bag and know whether it fits an iPad or 11" Macbook Air? Thanks!
  2. is any one available to post a photo comparing the micro and mini. I am 5'1 and i am debating which size to get, any input? what is the size difference? and price?
  3. could you try it on for me for me to have a better idea how it looks on in comparison and take a pic? thanks
  4. Hi!;) I just wanted to see if you love the micro size?! I have 2 of the mini luggages but looking to buy a micro but have never seen one IRL?! Do you have mod pics to show size comparisons?! Thank you!!:ty:
  5. Sure, here are some quick modelling pics for you. The Pink is the micro size and the Green and Tri colour is the Mini size. Normally I would opt for the mini size for my height but the Pink was such a bright a pop of colour that I had to hunt down the micro size. I'm so glad I did as I have been using this bag non stop! FYI I am 5'6" without heels. HTH:smile:
  6. Omg :urock: Wow Wow I love your bags!!! That helps soo much to see the sizes..I'm about the same height and build! So again, thank you!! I've got the mini Souris but think I'm gonna exchange for the micro..so I can use for going to din! And not to lug all my boys toys and diapers lol!!
    Thanks again!! :hugs:
  7. Your welcome! The micro would be perfect for day to night, I can fit all my everday stuff in there easily and I don't feel like I'm lugging a big weight around if you KWIM. I love the Souris colour, do post pics when you can :smile:
  8. Hi all,

    I have been wondering what is the differences between mini and micro other than the size?

    I found that micro is really to find, wherever in bonz or eBay mostly the listing items are mini than micro.

  9. Thanks for this thread. Trying to decide on which one for my 1st Celine purchase!
  10. Hey! Thank you for doing these wonderful modeling and size comparison pics...so helpful. Actually, there's not an enormous difference but one is more NS, right?

    Love your luggage collection! Do you any more ?
  11. I bought my mini luggage last weekend. But yesterday I found the leather of two ears(i mean two sides) are a little bit different. The left side is same with the bag while the right side is more soft. And the back of zip has a word start with "L". I am confusing whether is a real one or a fake. Who can identify for me?Thanks a lot.
    1.png 2.png 3.png 4.png 5.png
  12. Does the horizontal gusset cabas come in different sizes? If so, what are the dimensions? Any modeling pics? TIA!!!
  13. Anyone?
  14. as far as i know, only 1 (huge!) size.
  15. Darn! Thanks anyways :smile: