Did you carry an LP today?

  1. That is an amazing bag.
  2. I am carrying my turquoise dylan patchwork tote. I started using it yesterday, celebrating the amazing warm weather here in Texas. I've gotten tons of compliments just in 2 days. I love this bag!!!

    And inside, my fuschia BCA Dylan wallet.

  3. carrying my turq shoulder,,, not to be "redundant".... but i love this croc leather and the color is "to die for"!!
  4. My LC tote in Espresso! :kiss:
  5. I'm carrying my Dylan Folding Tote :love:
  6. i'm carrying my aubergine angie :smile:
  7. I am carrying my new small Cognac Dylan Speedy w/ the detachable strap and matching Cognac Dylan wallet..I am soo in love and I don't think I can ever carry another brand. My aunt came over yesterday and saw her for the first time (she's crazy like me!) and hugged her :cloud9:
  8. its a black long dylan day for me,,,, accompanied by my bca fushia wallet... LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!!:p

  9. i carried my croco long speedy in yellow today w/ my croco wallet in viola =)

    just1, i also got the bca wallet (and tote) in fuchsia but they're both in LA at my cousin's house....will be picking them up when i go there next month....thanks for posting your pic of it....wanted to see an irl photo....can't wait to see mine!!!
  10. Currently carrying...
    It's a bit heavy with all the studs but it's awfully cute! First time carrying it, though it's been in my closet for about 10 months
  11. My black Dylan tote has been my everyday companion ever since I received it! I love it!
  12. This week I am wearing Alyssa bag in Blush with fuscia wallet. Soft and ssweet!
  13. ^^^Such a soft bag!
  14. carrying my wonderful topaz croc speedy today,,, yummy
  15. Been using the gold woven clutch/crossbody bag for the last few days